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(Feb 20, 2015)
Zero and Shadow won hmmm I think they hacked into your raffle lol Leva is the real Winner ;)
(Feb 18, 2015)
(Feb 16, 2015)
Zero, Shadow & Leva were the winners
(Feb 16, 2015)
Who won the raffle?
(Feb 15, 2015)
Whoa Req, that looks amazing. Followed :)
(Feb 14, 2015)
O.O oh yumm... Happy Valentine's Day everyone <3 enjoy your loved ones today see you all monday night!
(Feb 14, 2015)
Shesshh Req, I thought my music video post was savvy and got me beat down with a pic of your snobby homemade French dsesert (I dont even know what's its called)...*&(@*@
(Feb 14, 2015)
Happy Valentine Ronins:
(Feb 08, 2015)
PvP tournament has been moved to Feb 27 due to schedule conflict.
(Feb 03, 2015)
Check out upcoming 3v3 PvP Tournament
(Feb 02, 2015)
sorry about DCing guys!
(Jan 31, 2015)
C all of ya at guild missions tonight :D cant wait!
(Jan 26, 2015)
if you have any pics from last nights fashion show, upload them here:
(Jan 24, 2015)
DR's 2 Year Anniversary celebration weekend continues tonight when we take over Divinity's Reach! 7pm pst
(Jan 24, 2015)
new prof incoming!!
(Jan 24, 2015)
omg YES!