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(Mar 16, 2015)
it took me awhile to get in as well, give it time
(Mar 16, 2015)
Anyone else unable to get in game?
(Mar 09, 2015)
THIS THURSDAY GM MAPPING! If you need WP's to GM locations I am asking you to please be there in LA at 7pm. It will be a straight run through of the maps so be ready to move.
(Mar 04, 2015)
reposted my commission for Xivaldi and Veritas to see
(Mar 02, 2015)
Plz check out my forum post on using the Line App! I think it would be great for our guild!
(Feb 28, 2015)
(Feb 27, 2015)
Congratulations to Kreepin Tso Teddy (1st Place) and Asean Trinity (2nd place) . Thank you all for participating
(Feb 27, 2015)
PvP Touney Tonight @7PM PST
(Feb 26, 2015)
PvP tourney tomorrow!!
(Feb 25, 2015)
Wow, the palette generator is so cool!!
(Feb 24, 2015)
-.- lol req
(Feb 24, 2015)
bought a porn book today and shamelessly walked out of the bookstore, it was called "gardening for dummies".
(Feb 23, 2015)
Palette generator! Press any key to randomize:
(Feb 21, 2015)
I'm going on vacation for a week...see you all next Sunday!
(Feb 20, 2015)
PvP Signup Yo..PM me your team pls