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(Apr 30, 2015)
Sorry I was afk, I just sent you an invite
(Apr 30, 2015)
add me, I can add you back
(Apr 30, 2015)
Yall so rude kicked me out :'(
(Apr 29, 2015)
Oh yeah...we should probably update that
(Apr 28, 2015)
Was reading the 『Tale of the Dark Ronins』 and got a little emotional. :(
(Apr 17, 2015)
OK, thanks for letting us know, Johnny
(Apr 17, 2015)
Please Don't remove me. I won't be on unt computer fixed. Theres also a message in the forums. Tyvmil I can get my
(Apr 11, 2015)
we will get your rank adjusted tonight :)
(Apr 11, 2015)
How long do you need to be a member before you get promoted from "recruit"?
(Apr 09, 2015)
I know what you did Soph!
(Apr 07, 2015)
Ugh What's happening ? Since the nre download I can't get into game , serious crash at start up .
(Apr 05, 2015)
...and wait, is that a police office!? O__o
(Apr 05, 2015)
wth how does that even happen req
(Apr 04, 2015) so weird. This is on top of snowing in April and the coffee with a side of ketchup.
(Apr 01, 2015)
ESO never i played beta it was horrid
(Mar 17, 2015)
now that ESO is free to play, who will be giving it a shot?