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(Jun 10, 2013)
great idea. From now all officers (daimyo and up) can admin the forums and make new threads/sections/etc
(Jun 10, 2013)
I think we could do with a "Recruitment" section on the forum btw.
(Jun 08, 2013)
Guild Bounty on Tuesday at 4pm CT. Please contact me here or in-game, or comment on the event, if you would rather it was slightly later. I'm aiming to make it for an earlier time for those who can't make the main guild bounty.
(Jun 07, 2013)
Sophrix will not be available tonight, due to a prior commitment. Have fun guys and see yall tomorrow night!
(Jun 06, 2013)
Could the officers and higher-ups read the post I made in the officers forum regarding alliances. Thanks guys. Have a good evening.
(Jun 05, 2013)
Who is excited for the next event: "Dragon Bash"?
(Jun 05, 2013)
Officers check the officer's forum.
(Jun 04, 2013)
Tues, Thurs and Sun nights (US Central Time) are allocated for WvW. Feel free to voice out anything, preferably before one decide to leave the guild. Officers (Daimyo and Lord) pls set event and run for fellow guildies.
(Jun 03, 2013)
Sorry folks
(May 31, 2013)
Silent check your email.
(May 30, 2013)
Officers meeting scehdule for this Friday evening to plan for June goals/targets. Daimyos and Lords pls attend if u can
(May 29, 2013)
Pavorite is taking a break but will be there if needed while Joy Boy D Roger - Norm Guardian is leveling.
(May 29, 2013)
Go karka farming and get the 200% MF boost. I think i got close to15g from 1.5 hour of work. Get MF food buff and a pull party going as well. We'll be farming there tonight as well.
(May 28, 2013)
The pursuit of Twilight has started and I'll kick it off by farming Southson Cove tonight. Feel free to join me on the quest for legendary!
(May 26, 2013)
I'm away for a week guys, I'll be back late Saturday night, so I may be able to get on but I may just wait until Sunday. Have a good week and keep up the brilliant work!
(May 26, 2013)
Fracts monday 11a pacific sign up on calendar
(May 26, 2013)
I figured out how to post it now. Sweet!
(May 26, 2013)
This is funny, I cant get to the polls from my computer, but I can from my smartphone. WTH
(May 25, 2013)
Good job on recruiting, everyone! Keep up the good work :D
(May 24, 2013)
"Ribbs McKracken" may be the greatest name for a Charr I have ever heard :')