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(Aug 14, 2013)
CoF p1 and TA up path tonight when I log on, so be ready!
(Aug 13, 2013)
Tx bro!
(Aug 13, 2013)
ty Xik
(Aug 13, 2013)
Xik: --There ya go Silent
(Aug 13, 2013)
Any volunters who can help me write a short guide on how to download and setup TS3 and post it in the forum?
(Aug 13, 2013)
Check out new poll on PvP arena.
(Aug 12, 2013)
Check out news on Dark Ronins WvW guild in the Forum>Guild Info>Guild News section
(Aug 12, 2013)
Officers checkout future plan for WvW and PvP guild. Guildie stay tune for upcoming changes, I'll drop the bomb on ya!
(Aug 08, 2013)
I will be there!
(Aug 08, 2013)
(Aug 08, 2013)
WvW tonight! The Char will bath in DH and IOJ blood! Rwarrrrr!!!
(Aug 07, 2013)
looks nice
(Aug 06, 2013)
I posted the August guild goals/update so please check it out! ty
(Aug 05, 2013)
(Aug 04, 2013)
nice poll! Vol I wanted to choose yes, but my mouse pointer chose /slap happy kung fu elbow drop lol
(Aug 02, 2013)
hahah no. :)
(Jul 31, 2013)
(Jul 31, 2013)
Hahaha.... Best poll to date
(Jul 30, 2013)
I love you too. (Ass hole lol)