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(Oct 19, 2015)
I just feel like saying that I really really missed you guys :P can't wait for HoT to ignite everyone's excitement once again.
(Oct 19, 2015)
(Oct 17, 2015)
welcome ray
(Oct 16, 2015)
Hi everybody!!!
(Oct 06, 2015)
Time to start voting on guild halls! Lost Precipice is the one with all the cliffs, gilded hollow is the cave
(Sep 28, 2015)
Thanks Silent for the tips. Was good to see again, even if you are not coming back :)
(Sep 26, 2015)
Great catching up with you guys in game today...No i'm not back in the game, just login to chat and catch up with everyone. Here's what I wrote 5 months ago about flipping since it was asked in guild chat. Have Fun!
(Sep 12, 2015)
we're looking forward to having you back!
(Sep 12, 2015)
hey ladies and gents sorry i have been gone for so long had a divorce to get done with and tomorrow i get my internet back lol so ill be online as soon as the hour or so of updates get done for me tomorrow bout 5pm u.s. time frame
(Sep 01, 2015)
(Aug 31, 2015)
Looking forward to having back with us Kostal! :D
(Aug 31, 2015)
ATTENTION!!!!! Internet will be turned on friday! See you all soon!
(Aug 30, 2015)
guild hall/mat drive will begin October 1st!
(Aug 23, 2015)
I'll be on vacation for few days so I won't be on GW2 that often. Just a little update. :D
(Aug 20, 2015)
Get google fiber
(Aug 20, 2015)
tell 'em to hurry it up!
(Aug 19, 2015)
Still waiting on internet, guess they need an engineer to help trench to my place........ Only in montana!