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(Sep 11, 2014)
Archeage:>>>>Server:Kyrios>>> Fraction:Firran>>>Guild Name: TBD
(Sep 07, 2014)
Congrats to Officer Le Req the Magnificient! Thanks for volunteering for Dungeon/FOTM officer!
(Sep 06, 2014)
Dl Archeage last night o0
(Sep 02, 2014)
to my AC group: so sorry for all the d/c
(Aug 29, 2014)
Still need officers, pls let us know if your rank on the guildwebsite isn't set correctly. Thanks
(Aug 28, 2014)
Key farming will be dead after the patch! nooo!
(Aug 27, 2014)
Check out our recruitment for Guild Officers!!
(Aug 25, 2014)
guilds are finally getting the improvement they needed!
(Aug 24, 2014)
Shoguns, posted officer recruitment, please check it out.
(Aug 14, 2014)
Also, might wanna buy a tag now while its still cheap
(Aug 14, 2014)
commander tags will be account bound! Refunds will be given if you own 4 or more tags
(Aug 10, 2014)
If anyone wants to join in the conversation regarding a possible GW1 group, check out the new thread in general lounge
(Aug 07, 2014)
Soph & Mang: here's that link abt using your mats incl bloodstone dust:
(Jul 30, 2014)
the photos for where in the world have been posted! GL to everyone
(Jul 27, 2014)
Character naming contest is up! Go think up names for me! :)