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(Oct 20, 2014)
Nooo..DCe-d half way through Teq....=|
(Oct 11, 2014)
thats the stream for a chance of getting precursors!!!
(Oct 10, 2014)
Have skills points laying around? Here's how you can profit from it?
(Oct 08, 2014)
Guild raffle prize this week: winner's choice of the new gem store Halloween outfits. See the MOTD for details.
(Oct 08, 2014)
Pro tip: buy candy corn now and sell it when Halloween event starts
(Oct 02, 2014)
winter outfit:
(Sep 30, 2014) (vs TOL team, scroll to 2.30 timer) 500 vs 200
(Sep 27, 2014)
We hit 695 points--ALL the points last night in wvw. t2 is crazy!
(Sep 24, 2014)
queue times in AA are much better now
(Sep 24, 2014)
Quaggans for life !
(Sep 23, 2014)
No one wants Quaggans
(Sep 19, 2014)
Thanks Sophrix! Huge relief..phewww...FYI I won't likely be on the next couple of days, tending to the wife and newborn.Have fun in game, see you guys soon.
(Sep 19, 2014)
gz silent!!!
(Sep 19, 2014)
Lol...mystic clovers worked like a charm... Wife just had a 7lb 2oz baby boy!!!
(Sep 18, 2014)
I might have time to run some long dungeon tonight: Arah,Aether or Fotm:
(Sep 13, 2014)
GMs will be 45 mins late tonight!!