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(Nov 14, 2014)
Congrats to Elysum on Zap and Zavo on Spark. Thank the RNG Gods!!!
(Nov 09, 2014)
Even though raffle is done, feel free to still post your photo:
(Nov 04, 2014)
Here's a guide for farming charged cores:
(Nov 03, 2014)
Yeah, it was a good weekend!
(Nov 03, 2014)
(Nov 03, 2014)
Chris got Dawn and Silent got Zap!!!!! #EPIC#
(Nov 02, 2014)
Congrats to Felicia on her promotion to Officer!
(Nov 01, 2014)
Not at this moment. We have an hotmail account for emails only. Or we can use the guild website schedule for folks to signup
(Nov 01, 2014)
does the council have a gmail account that I can create a FOTM signup sheet?
(Oct 29, 2014)
xD We've gotta be the best looking guild there is!
(Oct 28, 2014)
Look at all of these beautiful people!
(Oct 28, 2014)
Here's the gallery to post in to enter this week's raffle:
(Oct 25, 2014)
Can't wait to get back into this for good times sake. :)
(Oct 21, 2014)
Guild raffle for new gem store outfits! Check MOTD for details