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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 03, 2018)
Happy 5th Anniversary, DR!!
(Dec 13, 2017)
Merry Christmas Ronins and Happy Holidays
(Jul 27, 2016)
58 entries so far with just a few days left!
(Jul 10, 2016)
Nice video, Suiki!
(Jun 11, 2016)
new raffle is going!
(May 31, 2016)
may raffle is over, gz Bob and Death
(May 06, 2016)
of course you are sinblade
(Mar 29, 2016)
im not cool enough pasta
(Mar 24, 2016)
if shoguns see this, please see "shogun's meeting" regarding my post
(Feb 11, 2016)
WooHoo! We almost have an all Ele Raid!! Come and join the fun next Tuesday!
(Feb 01, 2016)
Awesome, its Sakisaka.8574
(Jan 31, 2016)
of course, I just need your account name