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Sophrix / Jun 14, 2014
Hello DR!

There are some exciting changes coming to the guild that will hopefully boost morale and lp our guild grow. Recently we have had Lords leave the guild unexpectantly and with their departure, have caused some drama. I have been talking with the Lords that have stayed loyal to our guild and we have came up with an idea that hopefully will help prevent any drama in the future, and allow us to have a more organized event structure.

Currently the guild has relied on a hierarchy made up of ronin, then samurai, officer, lord then finally shogun on top. I have counted on my Lords to lead events and act on my behalf, but with them dropping like flies, we haven't been able to juggle a bunch of events (like regular guild PvP, etc) and I feel that guild morale has been hurt.

So from now on, instead of one lone shogun (myself) Dark Ronins will have a Council. Myself, Luxferous, Silent, Charis and Kolstal will all be sharing ownership of the guild. We have made a list of requirements to be able to be on the Council:

-Each Council member is REQUIRED to run one event per week. The council members that are not leading the event must participate in whateer event is happening, or not log into the game at all. We hope this will build guild participation and build a more unified front.

-Council members will be with Dark Ronins for atleast 6 months, if for whatever reason they need to step down from their posistion they will provide a valid excuse (no more "i'm bored BS or "its not the same") AND one weeks notice. This will help cut drama

There are many more requirements, such as must have a commander's tag, etc. The two I went into detail on are the most important to the guild, and our members. Now keep in mind, there won't be much upwards progression anymore for guildies. This new structure will allow us to build our core base, and make the guild more fun with organized events happening 5-6 days a week.

Each council members has been with the guild either since the beginning (well over a year now) or atleast half a year, so none of us will be leaving the guild. We are each very approachable so if you have ANY questions, or suggestions, or just want, just whisper us!

Luxferus / Jun 01, 2014
I personally want to tank EVERYONE for their votes and participation in this week long event, but it is now over. Which means, we have a new Guild Emblem. I hope you all like it, even those who didn't vote for it. They were all great designs, but I hope you all will be happy with the results.

This new emblem is a symbol of a new day for Dark Ronins, a new day in which we will soar upwards and onwards. Things will only get better guys! So lets keep playing together and having fun together.

Plus, you gotta admit, it looks SIIIIICK!
Charis / May 16, 2014

Announcing the first ever (hopefully first of many) Dark Ronins PvP tournament!

Come enjoy sparring with guildies, our new DR PvP arena, and the newish changes to PvP builds. Also, great prizes (prizes will be a surprise)!

Here are the details:
1. You must sign up in advance! Sign Up Here. Register with the toon you will be fighting with. Signups close on May 28, at which time the bracket will be randomly determined, then announced, so you will know in advance what character/class you are fighting with and against.
2. The location is the DR PvP arena. Get there by searching for "DR" in the arenas. Time is 7pm Pacific on Friday, May 30.
3. You gotta sign up to participate, so do it now!
4. Wendell/SlvtGarden will be the moderator.
5. (This would be a great time to sign up)
6. It is a PvP deathmatch. First player to 150 points wins. If neither player has 150 pts after 5 minutes, the player with the most points wins. If there is a tie after 5 minutes, both players advance.
7. Signing up is so fun!
8. Chat must be clean at all times. Trash talkers will be disqualified.
9. If you want to sign up, do it here.
10. No camping the spawn point. When you opponent dies, wait in the center circle for them to return before attacking. If you have just respawned, don't range from outside the circle until you've been in the circle.
Sophrix / Apr 19, 2014
Hey everyone, I am excited to announce an upcoming guild competition! On May 2nd at 8pm server we will be meeting at Astorea Waypoint in Caldeon Forest for a race! Teams of 5 (one officer and 4 competitors) will go into a quaggan tonic form and race from Astorea WP all the way to Vigil Keep! The first team to the Keep wins! Each member of the winning party will win some loot, and the second place team will get an honorable mention in the guild Message of the Day.


-All members of the party must be in quaggan form. Tonics will be provided.

-No Asura gates or waypoints are allowed. If your whole party is wiped then you must start over at Astorea WP. If only one person goes down, you are allowed to rezz your teammate.

-Chat must remain friendly, no need to trash talk :)

-No speed buffs of any sort are allowed

-The officer in the party is to prevent cheating and to insure that no one uses WPs, Gates, etc. If your tonic runs out, the officer will provide more.


Each member of the winning team will receive an 18 slot leather bag and a Plush Tybalt backpack cover

If you would to form a team ahead of time, comment on here who will be in your party. All racers must be members of our guild, Dark Ronins. Remember to choose 4 people, an officer will be assigned to you at a later time.

Officers that wish to participate in the race, and not as a chaperone, may do so.
Silent / Apr 13, 2014
This is a huge milestone for the guild! Never thought our humble guild will reach the 500 cap limit. Thank you all who helped in recruiting especially Apollo and fellow awesome guildies who make this guild such a fun place to be in. Keep up the great work all!
Sophrix / Feb 09, 2014
Hey guys, its time again for another fashion show! All guildies are welcome to attend this event and enter a toon. The event will be Febuary 27th at 7pm server time. The event will be located in The Bane (inside the Black Citadel) you will need to take Bane waypoint to get there.

This time we will have 3 catagories: light armor, medium, and heavy. We will also limit everyone to one toon per account. So make sure to pick your favorite! There will be some pretty nice prizes for the winners of each category as well!

This is what we will consider:

Harmonics: How well the armor works together, including weapon(s)

Dyes: How the dyes synchronize with the armor. Make sure you bring out the interesting elements in your armor with the right dyes, which are fitting for your set.

Color Balance: How well all colors work together, this also includes skin or fur or hair.

Variety: How many different armor sets were used. Dropping a lot of gems or gold on a complete set of gem armor or T3 armor is not necessary, as mixing sets is a lot more unique and interesting.
(criteria stolen from the last fashion show announcement. Ty Charis!)

If you cannot be at the event but would still like to enter, post a screenshot of your toon on the guild site in the media tab. Make sure the background is free from any distracting clutter and that we can see your toon closely. In the description be sure to include what armor type you are entering under, plus a description if you want. Have the pictures posted no later then Febuary 27th, thank you.

Thank you Charis for putting together this list of fashion resources and advice. Can't wait to see everyone there!
Sophrix / Feb 01, 2014
Hey everyone, Sophrix here. With Silent's retirement from guild lead and him handing the reins of the guild over to me I figured this would be a good time to reintrodice myself to the guild and to re-establish some goals/rules.

Most of the guild already knows me (I.e.: the ones that have been with us since Devona's Rest) but for those of you that don't my name is Chila. I'm a 24 year old Navy wife with 2 kids. I have all sorts of hobbies ranging from gardening and cooking to gaming. I played WoW for a few months and didn't really like it too much. I will play just about anything, I'm not too particular. The only games I'm playing regularly are GW2, Dungeon Defenders (on the xbox) and League of Legends. If you want my username so you can play with me just /w me and I will send it to ya!

Like Silent said, nothing is changing in the guild. We will continue to be a guild for the guildless. All I'm doing is bringing back some goals we had before we trasferred servers. Dark Ronins requires 100% representation. There are certain people who don't rep 100% but they have special cases. For those of you that play in the afternoon (I'm talking server time here) that don't rep "because there is no one to play with" need to be recruiting players so that there is more active members during your time on. Dark Ronins can't be an active and bustling guild all day and that isnt my goal. I just don't want members to feel left out because there isn't anyone on when they play.
Touch on the recruiting note: everyone needsto be trying to recruit. I'm not going to set a goal of x amount of new players by the end of this month but I would like to be seeing our roster grow a little bit :) There is a recruitment blurb on the front page of our website you can copy+paste if you want, or you can make up your own (so long as its appropriate)

Officers: I'm trying to cleanup the Emmisary rank. As of the moment its a mess and I'm trying to remove inactive players. If you see someone who is in that rank but you know that they join us for missions (or whatever) please move them to the Ally rank. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this :) if you have any questions/concerns please PM me and I will get back to you.

Silent / Jan 25, 2014
With the successful guild move to Jade Quarry, guild back to full force and fully upgraded to Tier 6, I would like to announce my retirement from Shogun role after the guild's 1st anniversary. I plan on reducing my game time significantly this year due to personal and family reason. My playtime will be very limited <15 hours a week (1-2 hours each day) and I would not be able to fulfill my role as Shogun or Guild Lead effectively.

I don't think it's fair for the guild to have an absentee Guild Lead. Although I'll still be on daily, but the time I have will be pretty limited and I don't want to hold up the guild advancement because of my absence or play time.

Our guild's strength lines on the council of officers, and they are all aware of the leadership change a few weeks back. Sophrix who had been my co-lead in the past 6 months will take over as the sole lead for the guild. Along with her team of Lords and Officers, they'll be responsible for management and daily operation of the guild. This change will usher in a new era for the guild with more server-wide fun events and guild activities. The guild is always looking for good and helpful guildies to lead the guild and help with management and recruitment. I believe that GW2 is only as fun as the people you play with and a lot of us won’t not be playing this game if we do not have a fun guild to run with.

I plan on taking a reduced role in the guild focusing on WvW, PvP, and (occasional dungeons) which is where the guild is lacking at the moment. We do have considerable amount of PvE focused leads and officers that can lead all dungeon paths and high-level FOTM.

Nothing will change in the guild. Dark Ronin’s motto will remain as “A guild for the guildless” where we welcome all players of different backgrounds and experience as long as they are friendly and sexy. Yes….you needs to be pink and sexy to join the guild. It had been a great year leading the guild with fond memories of our adventure together. Thank you for all your support for the guild and much love to you all.

Dark Ronins for Life!