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Merry Christmas Ronins

Silent / Dec 13, 2017
Dear Ronins,

I just want to drop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for those who still plays and who left the game (like myself). During this season, I been reminiscence of those fabulous times we had together in game and yapping over TeamSpeak (I know that’s out of date). Together each and every one of you build this guild from its early birth, preserve through her slow initial growth and the CRAZY massive influx when we max out on guild roster. Reading through the Officer forum reminds me of the ups and downs we went through over the years. Maybe the records will be made public one day (just like JFK assassination), as it’s a fairly interesting story.

This guild is heading towards the 5th year mark this coming January which I don’t think anyone of us thought would made it from the start. To those few brave souls who kept this guild going for so long(you know who you are), I salute you. I wish that you continue having a blast in game and may the fun times keep on rolling. To those who left, I wish you the best in all life endeavors and keep fighting the good fight. Once a Ronin, Always a Ronin!

TIll we meet again in this game or next game, this life or the next life. Stay Pink and Sexy my Friends! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Best Wishes,


Thanks, Silent! Merry Christmas to you too. I still think of you often when I'm running/fighting around Tyria. Hope all is well with you.
Yarrrrrrr Charis!!!!!

Are you still in your pirate outfit? It’s probably time for a makeover if you are. Hope you are having a blast in game. How’s everyone doing?
Merry Christmas, Silent! Thanks for the kind message, it brought a smile to my face :)
Hope you had a Merry Christmas Silent! Have a Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Sophrix. Thanks for being awesome and keeping the guild going. Please send my regards to Dee.

Kols! Btw, I followed you fashion trend..I went with the bald and beard, hot mamas cant get enought of it. ROFL. Now if only there’s bald and bearded Charr in GW2, I’ll come back just for it.
Silent--nah, I've got an ice outfit now and a purple undercut. Still rocking Eternity, though. I definitely change looks less often without you around to tell me I'm getting boring :)
Le Requiem
/salute @ Silent
Wish you all the best 😄
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