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What Silent been up to?

Silent / Jul 23, 2015
Heya Ronins,

Since I left the game 4 months ago, I co-founded an online print store with a graphic designer friend. It's been keeping me rather busy and it has been a blast to venture into something totally new. It kinda felt like spamming guild invite on all the maps when DR was starting out..ROFL..good memories!

Anyhow, we are working on establishing an online presence so please give us a LIKE and share with your friends. Check us out on Facebook and our website joyncoprints or follows on twittter, instagram and pinterest.

We are also currently offering FREE worldwide shipping as part of our store launch. If you're getting married, 10x personalized wedding cards cost RM55.00 or about ~USD15, I think that's hard to beat..=)

Also we have a design partnership program if you are into graphics design, photography and would like to participate please drop me a mail. The business is currently mainly focus on Asian region but we do fulfill order internationally. Thank you for hearing me out.

Take care Ronin family. Keep the PINK on!




Congrats and good luck on the new business venture, Silent! Lovely website.

If it had been couple months earlier, we would have totally used your company for birth announcements :)
Charis, thank you for the kind words. Yeah, it's been a challenging venture, the internet can be a brutal at times. For a startup company to break through and get some publicity is not easy. Wish me luck and help spread the word.

Stay Sexy Ronins!
I think we need to print up some guild business cards and hand them out :D haha. Glad to hear from you Boss-man! <3 <3
Yes, a special one for you Sophrix with the title Guild Mum. =). There'll be more design options in the near future for baby announcement, birthdays, anniversaries, cards. So ahem ahem, when your next baby is due, we are all set!!.

Another shameless blurp, we are offering 15% discount as part of store debut at RISE Tech Conference @ Hong Kong. Let me know if you're interested, I'll send you the discount code.

Keep rocking DR!
Congrats on the business opportunity Silent! I'll defiantly use the website if I have any events in plan. I wish you the best of luck on the challenges ahead old friend. I'll be rooting for you.

-And as always stay sexy. (And PINK!);)
OMG Volsung! I miss u kiddo, wait are you're almost 18 now? Ok you're now BRuh since you're now the MAN!

Krassen might be back soon from his mission trip..maybe early next year? Would be nice to have a reunion to just jump off the cliff together. Or stack might and try to take over an allied supply camp..ROFL

LMAO. I would love to do that! I am getting back in the game and I want to help the guild out like the good old times. :) And naw Im not 18 yet. (I wish lol)

-Miss you Krassen ;(
Krassen should be back in May. YES let's plan on a reunion!
May...thought it seems like a long time, but time passes in a blink of an eye. Guild will turn 3 years in a few more months..=).

I'm starting on another ecommerce venture for the US market. Will keep you all posted upon launching..=)
Time goes fast when you don't have time to play :o
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