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Dark Ronins is Turning 2!!

The Shogun Council / Jan 15, 2015
Dark Ronins is turning 2!! The Shogun and officers have gotten together and decided that a celebration is in order. So mark your calendars everyone because on January 24th starting at (7pm PST) we will be having a Birthday Bash! We will start the evening out with a guild banquet in Divinty's Reach. So bring some tonics, boxes of fun, and whatever else you can think of.

After the banquet comes the best part: a scavenger hunt. There will be someone hiding in each district (Crown pavilion, Western Commons, Eastern Commons, Rurikton, Salma District and Ossa Quarter) and your goal is to find each one. Each hider will have his/her own unique 'code'. When you find a hider he/she will mail you the code. Once you have collected all 6 codes, mail them to Sophrix (ronin.3682)! The first 3 people to send me a complete set will receive a prize. Prizes will be sent out after the scavenger hunt is completed. This event is open to everyone on the map so bring your friends, family, mini pets, and imaginary friends!

The banquet will be held in Divinty's Reach at our usual rally spot, Dwayna Waypoint.

Other Events Planned for DR Aniversary

2v2 PvP Tournament (Organizers: Silent and Tso)
Friday, Jan 23 (7PST). Link:

Fashion Show (Organizer: Cael)
Jan 25th 7pm PST
GW2 Fashion Tips

Shogun/Officer Trivia (Organizer: Charis)
During scavenger hunt

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/cheer! See below for Fashion Show details.

Date: Sunday, Jan 25th at 7pm PST
Location: Garden of Dawn of The Grove. To get there, take Ronan's Waypoint and run N to a small underwater cave located between the Vista and "The House of Aife" POI.
Prizes: TBD, one per best in class

This tine we are judging each class for the best dressed. We will also limit everyone to one toon per account. So make sure to pick your favorite!

This is what we will consider:

Harmonics: How well the armor works together, including weapon(s)

Dyes: How the dyes synchronize with the armor. Make sure you bring out the interesting elements in your armor with the right dyes, which are fitting for your set.

Color Balance: How well all colors work together, this also includes skin or fur or hair.

Variety: How many different armor sets were used. Dropping a lot of gems or gold on a complete set of gem armor or T3 armor is not necessary, as mixing sets is a lot more unique and interesting.

(criteria stolen from the last fashion show announcement. Ty Charis and Sophrix!)
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