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Guild Officers Wanted

The Shogun Council / Aug 26, 2014
Now that we have re-established our core members from the last recruitment drive, the guild is looking for two officers to assist in leading guild activities, recruitment and guild management.

Please check out the requirements below and let us know if you're interested.

-Love the game and seeing yourself playing with the guild for at least the next 3 months.
- Sexy, friendly, active, positive and respected by the guild.
- Voice communication/Teamspeak is a must.
- Currently ranked Samurai and be in the guild for at least 2 months.
- Swore to the Officer's Oaths and guidelines.

Dungeon/FOTM Officer
- Focus and interested in leading daily dungeons and FOTM .
- Priority would be given to FOTM lead.
- Willing to teach and lead new runners through low-level FOTM (lvl 10 to 20) once a week or during Dungeon Night.

PvP Officer
- Focus and interested in leading PvP, EOTM or WvW
- Organize guild raids and PvP team.
- Have a commander tag or working towards one.

The guild is planning for another recruitment drive once we have our officer ranks filled. Thanks for supporting the guild. Enjoy the game!

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With great honor, the Council has decided to appoint Le Req the Magnificient as Dungeon/FOTM Officer. Thank you Req for volunteering your time and talent to lead and assist guildies in FOTM and dungeons.

Still looking for PvP/EOTM officer.

We also need to shore up our numbers with a number of guildies dropping out of the game. We as a guild need all members to help in recruitment. Please use the map blurp below if you like. Thanks for your help in making DR a fun and welcoming gaming community.

JQ's Dark Ronins[DR], 300+ PVX guild is recruiting all players: dungeon,fractals,guild missions,Wvw,PvE Events & raffles. Pls whisper for invite.[]

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