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500g Donation from Melac

Silent / Aug 09, 2014
Dark Ronins guild just received 500g donation from Melac for future activities and guild prizes. He'll be taking time away from the game and I'm not sure if he'll ever be back.

It's bitter sweet for me because I have great memory of meeting him at Wurm event a few days after we moved from Devona Rest. He loaned me 160g to finish Twilight after hearing that I'm a bit short of finishing it even though we just meet for a few days. He was always there for the guild recruiting, helping new players and been with us through lots of tough times. Stuck around even when the guild is pretty quiet during oceanic time zone, and showed such great loyalty and love for the guild.

Friends are hard to find in life and also in game. He's one true friend and my brother. I wish you and your family the very best in life . Hope we'll meet someday again in game or real life.

Much Love
DR Guild & Silent


We love you Melac, we hope you come back to the game, and the Guild, soon. <3
Thanks, Melac! We'll miss you!
Awesome job Melac!
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