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Guild Changes

Sophrix / Jun 14, 2014
Hello DR!

There are some exciting changes coming to the guild that will hopefully boost morale and lp our guild grow. Recently we have had Lords leave the guild unexpectantly and with their departure, have caused some drama. I have been talking with the Lords that have stayed loyal to our guild and we have came up with an idea that hopefully will help prevent any drama in the future, and allow us to have a more organized event structure.

Currently the guild has relied on a hierarchy made up of ronin, then samurai, officer, lord then finally shogun on top. I have counted on my Lords to lead events and act on my behalf, but with them dropping like flies, we haven't been able to juggle a bunch of events (like regular guild PvP, etc) and I feel that guild morale has been hurt.

So from now on, instead of one lone shogun (myself) Dark Ronins will have a Council. Myself, Luxferous, Silent, Charis and Kolstal will all be sharing ownership of the guild. We have made a list of requirements to be able to be on the Council:

-Each Council member is REQUIRED to run one event per week. The council members that are not leading the event must participate in whateer event is happening, or not log into the game at all. We hope this will build guild participation and build a more unified front.

-Council members will be with Dark Ronins for atleast 6 months, if for whatever reason they need to step down from their posistion they will provide a valid excuse (no more "i'm bored BS or "its not the same") AND one weeks notice. This will help cut drama

There are many more requirements, such as must have a commander's tag, etc. The two I went into detail on are the most important to the guild, and our members. Now keep in mind, there won't be much upwards progression anymore for guildies. This new structure will allow us to build our core base, and make the guild more fun with organized events happening 5-6 days a week.

Each council members has been with the guild either since the beginning (well over a year now) or atleast half a year, so none of us will be leaving the guild. We are each very approachable so if you have ANY questions, or suggestions, or just want, just whisper us!



Le Requiem
There'll always be up and down in the guild, folks we trusted bailed like flies without saying much when things didn't go their way. Shogun Council members have swore a sacred oath to be with the guild until the day they quit the game due to life circumstances or step down from the Shogun rank due to personal schedule. Shogun council member who quit to join another guild or start a new guild will be despised and trolled by DR Guild. I know this is a game, but nothing pisses the guild more than a so called "leader" to have a sissy-fit and quit all of a sudden. Shogun Council members are here to stay through good and bad times.

The new guild structure also spreads the responsibility of a Shogun among 5 members and prevent burn-out. We all are independent leads, we may quarrel or disagree, but at the end of the day we'll come together with single decision via voting (then we'll make-up later..:D)

We all play GW2 for fun, and we intend to keep it that way - respectful, friendly, drama-free, no whining, no scheming, courteous. We don't get paid for leading the guild and we don't have any ego to fill. All we really want is have a group of friends to enjoy the game wilth. If you're 18+ and still think you can fulfill your ego with having the highest AP or legendaries(you're one sick dude, go see a shrink). And we are not bots, we have life outside of GW2 with jobs, 50 kids and dogs (kolstal), new born norn (Sophrix) 100 feral cats(for Charis), and the ladies (for Lux). It's a place to unwind from the chore and responsibilities of life itself. And if all I said sounds like what you're looking for in a guild, then you're in the right ONE! Everyone has a voice here, speak up and we'll listen and do what we can (while having fun - #1 priority).

All the Shogun council members were with guild since Devona Rest days or at the start (like Kolstal, Sophrix and Myself). We are here to stay!

Amen Silent! Onward and upward.
Like Soph said, we're all very approachable and we will always show mutual respect to all our members.

The direction this guild takes depends mostly on you guys, we just make it happen. So please, participate in the guild website, voice your opinions and concerns to us as well as what you guys currently like.

Thanks for being a part of the Dark Ronin world.
And ofc there is me you can approach if you need anything, I am there a lot for you guys. If I am on, which I am a lot, feel free to ask me for help, it is what I am here for :)
Now Taurik....that's sexy!!!
How so?
Helping =Sexiness
This sounds like an awesome plan. Nice job guys.;)8)
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