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DR PvP Tournament

Charis / May 16, 2014

Announcing the first ever (hopefully first of many) Dark Ronins PvP tournament!

Come enjoy sparring with guildies, our new DR PvP arena, and the newish changes to PvP builds. Also, great prizes (prizes will be a surprise)!

Here are the details:
1. You must sign up in advance! Sign Up Here. Register with the toon you will be fighting with. Signups close on May 28, at which time the bracket will be randomly determined, then announced, so you will know in advance what character/class you are fighting with and against.
2. The location is the DR PvP arena. Get there by searching for "DR" in the arenas. Time is 7pm Pacific on Friday, May 30.
3. You gotta sign up to participate, so do it now!
4. Wendell/SlvtGarden will be the moderator.
5. (This would be a great time to sign up)
6. It is a PvP deathmatch. First player to 150 points wins. If neither player has 150 pts after 5 minutes, the player with the most points wins. If there is a tie after 5 minutes, both players advance.
7. Signing up is so fun!
8. Chat must be clean at all times. Trash talkers will be disqualified.
9. If you want to sign up, do it here.
10. No camping the spawn point. When you opponent dies, wait in the center circle for them to return before attacking. If you have just respawned, don't range from outside the circle until you've been in the circle.


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