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The Great Quaggan Race

Sophrix / Apr 19, 2014
Hey everyone, I am excited to announce an upcoming guild competition! On May 2nd at 8pm server we will be meeting at Astorea Waypoint in Caldeon Forest for a race! Teams of 5 (one officer and 4 competitors) will go into a quaggan tonic form and race from Astorea WP all the way to Vigil Keep! The first team to the Keep wins! Each member of the winning party will win some loot, and the second place team will get an honorable mention in the guild Message of the Day.


-All members of the party must be in quaggan form. Tonics will be provided.

-No Asura gates or waypoints are allowed. If your whole party is wiped then you must start over at Astorea WP. If only one person goes down, you are allowed to rezz your teammate.

-Chat must remain friendly, no need to trash talk :)

-No speed buffs of any sort are allowed

-The officer in the party is to prevent cheating and to insure that no one uses WPs, Gates, etc. If your tonic runs out, the officer will provide more.


Each member of the winning team will receive an 18 slot leather bag and a Plush Tybalt backpack cover

If you would to form a team ahead of time, comment on here who will be in your party. All racers must be members of our guild, Dark Ronins. Remember to choose 4 people, an officer will be assigned to you at a later time.

Officers that wish to participate in the race, and not as a chaperone, may do so.


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