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500 Ronin!

Silent / Apr 13, 2014
This is a huge milestone for the guild! Never thought our humble guild will reach the 500 cap limit. Thank you all who helped in recruiting especially Apollo and fellow awesome guildies who make this guild such a fun place to be in. Keep up the great work all!


No worries :D ill keep working hard to keep this guild growing in active members :D time to try and recruit some morning members
At 500 members, we should have plenty of active folk to arrange/organize for raids. Silent/Soph, what do you say? Can we create a "Raid Lord" or equivalent rank? I'd like to see us fight Teq, Wurm, and other bosses on a regular basis.
That would kinda fall under our Monday night Karka queen event. With the big bosses on a set schedule we can probably hit a couple of those big bosses. I would talk with Krassen, see what he thinks
Speaking of: it looks like Karka Queen spawns at 7pm, Teq t 8pm, then Triple Trouble at 9pm (all server time) So it looks like we can start doing these "extra hard" world bosses as a guild on Monday
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