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Fashion Show

Sophrix / Feb 09, 2014
Hey guys, its time again for another fashion show! All guildies are welcome to attend this event and enter a toon. The event will be Febuary 27th at 7pm server time. The event will be located in The Bane (inside the Black Citadel) you will need to take Bane waypoint to get there.

This time we will have 3 catagories: light armor, medium, and heavy. We will also limit everyone to one toon per account. So make sure to pick your favorite! There will be some pretty nice prizes for the winners of each category as well!

This is what we will consider:

Harmonics: How well the armor works together, including weapon(s)

Dyes: How the dyes synchronize with the armor. Make sure you bring out the interesting elements in your armor with the right dyes, which are fitting for your set.

Color Balance: How well all colors work together, this also includes skin or fur or hair.

Variety: How many different armor sets were used. Dropping a lot of gems or gold on a complete set of gem armor or T3 armor is not necessary, as mixing sets is a lot more unique and interesting.
(criteria stolen from the last fashion show announcement. Ty Charis!)

If you cannot be at the event but would still like to enter, post a screenshot of your toon on the guild site in the media tab. Make sure the background is free from any distracting clutter and that we can see your toon closely. In the description be sure to include what armor type you are entering under, plus a description if you want. Have the pictures posted no later then Febuary 27th, thank you.

Thank you Charis for putting together this list of fashion resources and advice. Can't wait to see everyone there!


going to bring my A game!
This is too stressful for me...
These are the only colors I know of: pink, black and gold....Charis!!! I need you!!!
Well, I will help if I can. The hottest fashion colors for the Spring 2014 man in the know are as follows:

Now you know the secrets to being completely fabulous!
LOL..color confuses me...Mercanus is pulling his hair out picking dyes. I do what guys do, head to the closet and grab any sweater. pants and coat within arm length and that's the outfit for the day....=)
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