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February guild update

Sophrix / Feb 01, 2014
Hey everyone, Sophrix here. With Silent's retirement from guild lead and him handing the reins of the guild over to me I figured this would be a good time to reintrodice myself to the guild and to re-establish some goals/rules.

Most of the guild already knows me (I.e.: the ones that have been with us since Devona's Rest) but for those of you that don't my name is Chila. I'm a 24 year old Navy wife with 2 kids. I have all sorts of hobbies ranging from gardening and cooking to gaming. I played WoW for a few months and didn't really like it too much. I will play just about anything, I'm not too particular. The only games I'm playing regularly are GW2, Dungeon Defenders (on the xbox) and League of Legends. If you want my username so you can play with me just /w me and I will send it to ya!

Like Silent said, nothing is changing in the guild. We will continue to be a guild for the guildless. All I'm doing is bringing back some goals we had before we trasferred servers. Dark Ronins requires 100% representation. There are certain people who don't rep 100% but they have special cases. For those of you that play in the afternoon (I'm talking server time here) that don't rep "because there is no one to play with" need to be recruiting players so that there is more active members during your time on. Dark Ronins can't be an active and bustling guild all day and that isnt my goal. I just don't want members to feel left out because there isn't anyone on when they play.
Touch on the recruiting note: everyone needsto be trying to recruit. I'm not going to set a goal of x amount of new players by the end of this month but I would like to be seeing our roster grow a little bit :) There is a recruitment blurb on the front page of our website you can copy+paste if you want, or you can make up your own (so long as its appropriate)

Officers: I'm trying to cleanup the Emmisary rank. As of the moment its a mess and I'm trying to remove inactive players. If you see someone who is in that rank but you know that they join us for missions (or whatever) please move them to the Ally rank. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this :) if you have any questions/concerns please PM me and I will get back to you.



About recruiting, yes everyone should be recruiting for the guild which is the very least you can do for the guild. Folks come and go in this game and we'll always have the scenario of 10 new recruits joining today, 5 remain in the guild/play after 2 weeks, and only 1 person remaining after 2 months and eventually become active guildies/officers.

Don't be discouraged if the person you recruited or spend considerable amount of time helping isn't part of the guild anymore. We are not recruiting for numbers or be the biggest guild, we are recruiting for quality players and to do that, we need to go through the weeding process to get the best players both in-person and in-game. Elitists, no matter how good they are in PvP or dungeon are not welcomed in the guild. They'll eventually get the idea that we don't give a rat ass about their achievement points or rankings and leave the guild..:)
Well said Silent, thank you!
Dam straight. Love it! lol
We had a long discussion over Arah run last night with Sophrix and several Lords/Officers and came up with some guild activities and ideas to bring the guild together:
- Fashion Show (to be determined)
- Daily low level FOTM runs (lvl 11 no agony resistance required)
- Weekly Karka and Curse Shore farming (Mon, Wed)
- WvW and PvP nights will remain on Sun,Tues, and Thurs.

Exact time and the person leading the effort will be posted soon on guild calendar.
TPvP has been going very well, we have good response from the guild and getting a number of new guildies into in. Usage of TS has gone up because of it.

WvW is a hit and miss, sometimes we have 15, sometimes just 2-3 especially when there's no one to fight (owning BG this week). But everytime we run WvW, we can flip 1/3 of the map with just a few of us and having a great time trolling in dolyak form....hehe. I been wanting to post video of our run but havent got time to do so.
I've noticed that tPvP and WvW participation has gone up this week! Thats a great news for the guild, we've really been needing to do more activities together
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