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Silent's Retirement from Guild Lead

Silent / Jan 25, 2014
With the successful guild move to Jade Quarry, guild back to full force and fully upgraded to Tier 6, I would like to announce my retirement from Shogun role after the guild's 1st anniversary. I plan on reducing my game time significantly this year due to personal and family reason. My playtime will be very limited <15 hours a week (1-2 hours each day) and I would not be able to fulfill my role as Shogun or Guild Lead effectively.

I don't think it's fair for the guild to have an absentee Guild Lead. Although I'll still be on daily, but the time I have will be pretty limited and I don't want to hold up the guild advancement because of my absence or play time.

Our guild's strength lines on the council of officers, and they are all aware of the leadership change a few weeks back. Sophrix who had been my co-lead in the past 6 months will take over as the sole lead for the guild. Along with her team of Lords and Officers, they'll be responsible for management and daily operation of the guild. This change will usher in a new era for the guild with more server-wide fun events and guild activities. The guild is always looking for good and helpful guildies to lead the guild and help with management and recruitment. I believe that GW2 is only as fun as the people you play with and a lot of us won’t not be playing this game if we do not have a fun guild to run with.

I plan on taking a reduced role in the guild focusing on WvW, PvP, and (occasional dungeons) which is where the guild is lacking at the moment. We do have considerable amount of PvE focused leads and officers that can lead all dungeon paths and high-level FOTM.

Nothing will change in the guild. Dark Ronin’s motto will remain as “A guild for the guildless” where we welcome all players of different backgrounds and experience as long as they are friendly and sexy. Yes….you needs to be pink and sexy to join the guild. It had been a great year leading the guild with fond memories of our adventure together. Thank you for all your support for the guild and much love to you all.

Dark Ronins for Life!


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