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Silent / Dec 13, 2017
Dear Ronins,

I just want to drop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for those who still plays and who left the game (like myself). During this season, I been reminiscence of those fabulous times we had together in game and yapping over TeamSpeak (I know that’s out of date). Together each and every one of you build this guild from its early birth, preserve through her slow initial growth and the CRAZY massive influx when we max out on guild roster. Reading through the Officer forum reminds me of the ups and downs we went through over the years. Maybe the records will be made public one day (just like JFK assassination), as it’s a fairly interesting story.

This guild is heading towards the 5th year mark this coming January which I don’t think anyone of us thought would made it from the start. To those few brave souls who kept this guild going for so long(you know who you are), I salute you. I wish that you continue having a blast in game and may the fun times keep on rolling. To those who left, I wish you the best in all life endeavors and keep fighting the good fight. Once a Ronin, Always a Ronin!

TIll we meet again in this game or next game, this life or the next life. Stay Pink and Sexy my Friends! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Best Wishes,
Silent / Jul 23, 2015
Heya Ronins,

Since I left the game 4 months ago, I co-founded an online print store with a graphic designer friend. It's been keeping me rather busy and it has been a blast to venture into something totally new. It kinda felt like spamming guild invite on all the maps when DR was starting out..ROFL..good memories!

Anyhow, we are working on establishing an online presence so please give us a LIKE and share with your friends. Check us out on Facebook and our website joyncoprints or follows on twittter, instagram and pinterest.

We are also currently offering FREE worldwide shipping as part of our store launch. If you're getting married, 10x personalized wedding cards cost RM55.00 or about ~USD15, I think that's hard to beat..=)

Also we have a design partnership program if you are into graphics design, photography and would like to participate please drop me a mail. The business is currently mainly focus on Asian region but we do fulfill order internationally. Thank you for hearing me out.

Take care Ronin family. Keep the PINK on!


The Shogun Council / Feb 03, 2015
All you fearless Ronin, it's time to show your fighting spirit and learn to work as a team. This is the 2nd PvP tournament hosted by the guild and we are looking forward to seeing more guildies particpate to practice their skill and learn to work together in anticpation for upcoming GvG Stronghold. PvP match willl be streamed live on Twicth and live tournament roster

For more details, please refer to this link:

"Stay Alive or Die Fighting"
The Shogun Council / Jan 15, 2015
Dark Ronins is turning 2!! The Shogun and officers have gotten together and decided that a celebration is in order. So mark your calendars everyone because on January 24th starting at (7pm PST) we will be having a Birthday Bash! We will start the evening out with a guild banquet in Divinty's Reach. So bring some tonics, boxes of fun, and whatever else you can think of.

After the banquet comes the best part: a scavenger hunt. There will be someone hiding in each district (Crown pavilion, Western Commons, Eastern Commons, Rurikton, Salma District and Ossa Quarter) and your goal is to find each one. Each hider will have his/her own unique 'code'. When you find a hider he/she will mail you the code. Once you have collected all 6 codes, mail them to Sophrix (ronin.3682)! The first 3 people to send me a complete set will receive a prize. Prizes will be sent out after the scavenger hunt is completed. This event is open to everyone on the map so bring your friends, family, mini pets, and imaginary friends!

The banquet will be held in Divinty's Reach at our usual rally spot, Dwayna Waypoint.

Other Events Planned for DR Aniversary

2v2 PvP Tournament (Organizers: Silent and Tso)
Friday, Jan 23 (7PST). Link:

Fashion Show (Organizer: Cael)
Jan 25th 7pm PST
GW2 Fashion Tips

Shogun/Officer Trivia (Organizer: Charis)
During scavenger hunt
The Shogun Council / Aug 26, 2014
Now that we have re-established our core members from the last recruitment drive, the guild is looking for two officers to assist in leading guild activities, recruitment and guild management.

Please check out the requirements below and let us know if you're interested.

-Love the game and seeing yourself playing with the guild for at least the next 3 months.
- Sexy, friendly, active, positive and respected by the guild.
- Voice communication/Teamspeak is a must.
- Currently ranked Samurai and be in the guild for at least 2 months.
- Swore to the Officer's Oaths and guidelines.

Dungeon/FOTM Officer
- Focus and interested in leading daily dungeons and FOTM .
- Priority would be given to FOTM lead.
- Willing to teach and lead new runners through low-level FOTM (lvl 10 to 20) once a week or during Dungeon Night.

PvP Officer
- Focus and interested in leading PvP, EOTM or WvW
- Organize guild raids and PvP team.
- Have a commander tag or working towards one.

The guild is planning for another recruitment drive once we have our officer ranks filled. Thanks for supporting the guild. Enjoy the game!
Silent / Aug 09, 2014
Dark Ronins guild just received 500g donation from Melac for future activities and guild prizes. He'll be taking time away from the game and I'm not sure if he'll ever be back.

It's bitter sweet for me because I have great memory of meeting him at Wurm event a few days after we moved from Devona Rest. He loaned me 160g to finish Twilight after hearing that I'm a bit short of finishing it even though we just meet for a few days. He was always there for the guild recruiting, helping new players and been with us through lots of tough times. Stuck around even when the guild is pretty quiet during oceanic time zone, and showed such great loyalty and love for the guild.

Friends are hard to find in life and also in game. He's one true friend and my brother. I wish you and your family the very best in life . Hope we'll meet someday again in game or real life.

Much Love
DR Guild & Silent