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Online: over 4 years ago
Joined: Aug 11, 2014
Out Chimiku80HumanRevenantpinky hair, pinky care~ >w< (H/S/SH Herald)
Out Chimiro80CharrElementalistI'll be a tempest someday >A< (and now I am >v<)
Out Chimuki80CharrRevenantBuffs n stuffs :o (Staff/Hammer Herald)
Out Cimini80CharrGuardianPinky protector >v< (GS/LB DH)
Out Cinumi80CharrThiefBam bam~ >O> (P/P daredevil)
Out Kayniki80NornWarriorLifts 2 much :U (Berserker w/Knights)
Out Kayukimi80HumanGuardianAn angel from above~ >v< (DH GS/LB >o>)
Out Kiorimi80HumanThiefI smacka yu :F (Daredevil w/ Valkyrie armor)
Out Kironoko80CharrMesmerI wanna shatter :c(Unplayed, but I like his looks)
Out Kishunia80CharrRangerHelpy people! >o< (St/LB Healing druid)
Out Kiyino80HumanWarriorNot played, but not dead :o (now dead >~<)
Out Konushi80CharrElementalistPink and happy~ >v< (staff tempest >o>)
Out Mikineyo80HumanEngineerBurstymcthirsty (SD Zerker w/ Rifle)
Out Mikonori80CharrEngineerLove hurts >v<~ (hammer with sentinel armor mix)
Out Mikumu80CharrElementalistTempy tempy tempest~ >v< (Staff)
Out Mimikini80HumanElementalistStaff is still best wep :U (Staff Tempest w/zerk)
Out Mimushi80HumanMesmerI DO shatter :> (Chrono w/ zerker gear)
Out Mumishi80CharrWarriorSlashy slashy >o> (GS/Rifle Berserker)
Out Mumiu80CharrNecromancer"Pink Death" as i've been told >o>" (GS/St reaper)
Out Mumuko80CharrRevenantHearts everywhere~ >v< (S/SH-H Herald)
Out Sumuki80CharrGuardianDoubley pinky protection >v< (H/LB DH)
Out Surukio80CharrGuardianA special character for a special someone >v<
Out Teykori80HumanWarriorSad and unplayed :<
Out Toromoo80HumanEngineerOnly alive since it's my 1st char >:U (Rifle)
Out Tuniyu80AsuraMesmerNot played and sad :c
Out Vayomi80CharrNecromancerWhy u got a big scythe? :S (Reaper w/ Knights)