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PvP Build - D/D Elementalist (High Damage + High Vitality) [Post June Update]

Hi everyone...So since I was playing D/D Meta Ele build pre-update, it was hard to adjust to the new trait systems and the various changes to the skill model. I didn't want to give up on D/D Ele so started experimenting and here's a build I've co...
Small Alexia Frost 5y
Alexia Frost21206Small Alexia Frost 5y

PvE Elementalist

PvE Ele guide by Haviz & Zelyhn-taken from Dulfy Class Guides
Small Sophrix 6y
Sophrix1519Small Sophrix 6y


Anyone got a build for a ele.... Gunna work on one once I get back online :-) A level build guide would be great to Thanks in advance Xik
Small Xik 7y
Xik1543Small Xik 7y
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