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PVP BUNKER RANGER postjuly23rd patch..

longbow sigil of energy/icegreatsword energy/hydromancysolider amulet/ rune of traveler (or pack/pirate/ogre) but i like the perma speed from travelertraits:wilderness: middle/down/middle oakheart/shared/knowledgenature: middle/up/middle inst...
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PvE Ranger

PvE Ranger guide by Lorek & Cell-taken from Dulfy Class Guides
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PvE Rangers - Signets, Spirits and S-Traps (Condition Trapper)

Hi there guys, thought I would get things started on a Ranger build, seeing as my main, Svimara, is one.Before I start, I would just like to say that, this is my first time writing such a guide, so bare with me. I'll have to edit it over time prob...
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