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PvE Resources

[Pinned] Sophrix's Resources

General guides/resourcesThat_shaman's boss timerEvent timerAlmar's GuidesI prefer Almar's guides for his farming routesDulfy.netno resource page is complete without DulfyTemple/God Karma Armor SetsUse this to plan ahead when opening temples in Orr...
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PvE Resources

[Pinned] Map Completion Routes.

Some maps are from before a Update.. so a few points might be missing.. but still easily accessible using these maps.↓Enjoy↓Lions ArchHoelbrekDivinity's ReachBlack CitadelThe GroveRata SumWayfarer Foothill'sPlains of AshfordQueensdaleCaledon Fores...
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PvE Resources

[Pinned] Fractals of the Mists Guide

If you're new to Fractals, check out this video to understand the basic mechanics of fractals including agony resistance
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PvE Resources

Tired of Clicking?

I found this cool software that allows you to keybinds and write customize script for mouse/keyboard. 1. Download and install the program: Here's the script I use to bind my right mouse button to 250 left clicks. Its gr...
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PvE Resources

Making quick money

As some of you may know, level 1 or level-less gear can never become soulbound and can be freely transferred across characters. This gear drops from events, jumping puzzles etc. when your character is level 1-4 or so(best results at level 1 obviou...
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PvE Resources

Useful Websites

Devona's Rest LeaderboardsSee where you rank in achievement points.FoodA good list of food by traits they buff.Guild Wars 2 Looking for GroupFind pugs for dungeons when guildies aren't available.Guild Wars 2 ArmorWindow shop for armor.Codes for th...
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