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[Pinned] Guild Raffle
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[Pinned] Guild Raffle

This thread is for announcements regarding guild raffles.
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[Pinned] DR Trade Secret - Flipping The Trading Post

[DISCLAIMER: THIS WAS WRITTEN 5 MONTHS, IT MIGHT NO LONGER BE VALID]The easiest way to make gold in GW2 is via TP flipping. Flipping means buying items on low price via buy order and selling at higher price via the sell order. TP is easy because ...
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[Pinned] Silent's Funnies
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[Pinned] Silent's Funnies

You all are amateur gamers compare to this dude!<LINK>
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[Pinned] Fashion Resources and Advice

Resources for creating a killer GW2 look for your toon.ColorsDyealogue: A filterable catalog of each dye colorDye Map: A GW2 dye map by hue and lightnessColor Scheme Designer: A great tool for determining colors that will complement/harmonize/cont...
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[Pinned] Going to be gone?

From now on we will be enforcing a "2 month" rule. If you haven't been online for 2+ months, you will be automatically kicked. If you wish to avoid being kicked, please leave your account name here and an estimated time of return.
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Put my kid to work today..... (i suck at jumping puzzles)

I had joked earlier on Discord about doing this, but I actually did it; I told my 9 yr old son that if he could do the Wintersday JP 3 times for me I would pay him $5.And you know what? I don't feel the slightest bit bad or guilty about doing so.C...
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Guild Wars 1 Group

Hey everyone! A few of us have been discussing creating a group of DR players interested in spending time together on our old GW1 toons. What do you guys think? Who's interested?
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Farewell Friends.

Hello everyone, As most of you know I am Daemon or Wendell in the game. I have been in this guild for quite a long time and have had so many amazing times with you all. I am leaving the guild, and the game. Some things happened recently that make ...
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Ronin Videos!

Hey... shameless plug for youtube channel here... I will be posting links to videos featuring the Dark Ronins here!First one: Guild Hall video!
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This is goodbye...

Hello Guild, You may or may not know me. I am Bear and I have been a part of this amazing guild for about a year and a half now. Well as you know because of the title, this is goodbye. For a variety of reasons I am leaving GW2. Now this doesn't me...
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Post your Rig!!!!

Okay, guys and gals, if you built your rig or bought your rig and it has features you like and are proud of, post em up!!! We want pictures and maybe some stats and maybe even some back-story of something about it. Anyways I thought it'd b...
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On some of the other games that I have played, guilds/clans I have been involved with have opted to use a smartphone app called "Line" for out-of-game communication. Line is essentially a data-based texting app that allows you to create groups for...
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I thought since we all seem to enjoy listening to music and have our collection of tracks we jam to when playing, I was curious to know what others enjoy and what they may class as their favourite tracks/genre when spending time on the various gam...
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Social Networks

If you have any account on any social network then you can post it here. :)Ig:Zeo92
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