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TRAITSSPITE-0CURSES-2reapers precisionDEATH MAGIC-6minion masterflesh of the masterdeath novaBLOOD MAGIC-6dagger masteryvamperic masterfetid consumptionRUNE OF MELANDRUSTAFFSCEPTER/DAGGERSKILLSwell of blood, summon shadow fiend, summon bone fiend,...
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WvW Zerg Build

This is a pretty solid zerg build (runing with 10-20). I might not follow exactly but the key pointers here are:1. PVT armor with soldier rune for condition removal. Excellent for helping the zerg/raid up with conditions. PVT armor is probably the...
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No builds yet :O OMG
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WvW Thief Build

Here's the thief build I been runing for a while, its pretty verstile for both WvW and dungeon:Armor: Valkyrie armor with Superior Rune of WurmThief has very low base hp, and although knight armor works well against initial damage, but I felt that...
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Dark Ronin WvW

Havoc Squad on JQ

Guild will be running 5-10 man havoc squad on Jade Quarry borderland every Sun, Tuesday and Thursday. Silent will start queuing for the borderland @9pm CT. Squad objectives wiill be to be a pain in the a**and a major troll for their zerg. Suggest...
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Dark Ronin WvW

WvW Havoc Lead wanna be.

It was a good run last night on JQ BL even with just a small group and hopefully we can get more people to run with for Havoc. I really suggest to have at least 4-5 Staff Ele for CC and Water field, Mesmer that can Viel and Null field, Hammer/Staf...
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WvW General Info and Zerg Fight Strategy

***Written by Gol D Roger (posted by Silent)****Sieges Basic Superior GuildFlame Ram 40 Supplies 50 Supplies Arrow Cart 30 Supplies 40 Supplies 40 SuppliesBallista 30 Supplies 40 Supplies 40 SuppliesCatapult 50 Supplies 60 Supplies 25 Supplie...
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Dark Ronin WvW

Dark Ronins WvW Guild Background and Structure

Guild Structure· Guildie should ONLY rep this guild for WvW, please continue repping the mother guild for dungeon and PvE events.· This guild is intended to be competitive play and TS3 is required for all members. All members must have TS3 install...
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Dark Ronin WvW

Oath of the Dark Ronin’s Commander

1.       I will be a gentleman/lady first, a commander second, and a fighter last (manners>tactics>force)2.       I will serve the server first and foremost, the guild second.3.       I will be humble and not be-little other guilds on the s...
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Sonic Boon Warrior Build

This is the build used by Silent Shogun. I followed the guide by the book except that I used knight armor instead of mixture of berserker and knightSonic Boon Build
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WvW Roaming + Burst Build

Here's my roaming WvW warrior build with axe/shield and hammer combo. Its still a work in progress as I having been using my warrior much in WvW. However, I find it perfect for runing with 5-10 group size. It does fairly well in zerg, but it's mo...
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S/D Thief for PVP

Sword/dagger thief is very strong in PVP atm. Tons of evades and ability to steal boon and do really good damage, all while staying alive. Here is an example of a s/d thief build for pvp if anyone wants to try.- Z
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PvE Resources

Useful Websites

Devona's Rest LeaderboardsSee where you rank in achievement points.FoodA good list of food by traits they buff.Guild Wars 2 Looking for GroupFind pugs for dungeons when guildies aren't available.Guild Wars 2 ArmorWindow shop for armor.Codes for th...
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High DPS Phantasm Build

This is an incredible build that excel very well in fractal and also WvWHigh DPS Phantasm Mesmer (used by Silent Surie)
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Dark Ronin WvW

Dark Ronins Rules of Engagement

1. Stay with Commander at all cause, even if that includes jumping off the cliff. Do not chase strays or wander off if you’re running with the zerg. 2. Do not back off from a fight unless the Commander yells Retreat! It’s a game and no one dies in...
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Useful WvW Links

A very usual link that shows live update of map, standings and remaing buff time on supply camp and tower. pretty good video about siege placement at Borderlands to Dark Ron...
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forgot the most unused, most abused class of all! how could you!?!?!?!?!
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Anyone got a build for a ele.... Gunna work on one once I get back online :-) A level build guide would be great to Thanks in advance Xik
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PvE Rangers - Signets, Spirits and S-Traps (Condition Trapper)

Hi there guys, thought I would get things started on a Ranger build, seeing as my main, Svimara, is one.Before I start, I would just like to say that, this is my first time writing such a guide, so bare with me. I'll have to edit it over time prob...
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