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This is goodbye...

Hello Guild, You may or may not know me. I am Bear and I have been a part of this amazing guild for about a year and a half now. Well as you know because of the title, this is goodbye. For a variety of reasons I am leaving GW2. Now this doesn't me...
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Hoping to find some build ideas for Solo PVE Revenants. Survivability and DPS obviously. Any insight would be appreciated!! :D
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General Lounge

Post your Rig!!!!

Okay, guys and gals, if you built your rig or bought your rig and it has features you like and are proud of, post em up!!! We want pictures and maybe some stats and maybe even some back-story of something about it. Anyways I thought it'd b...
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Raid teams

DR Raid Requirements

Hi guys this is Dragolith I am here to prepare everyone for the Raiding enviroment for the upcoming patch where the first wing of raids will be released in GW2 HOT!!!I know that everyone want's to jump in on the action straight away but i am here ...
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General Lounge


On some of the other games that I have played, guilds/clans I have been involved with have opted to use a smartphone app called "Line" for out-of-game communication. Line is essentially a data-based texting app that allows you to create groups for...
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Guild Info and Welcome Section

Welcome and Introduction Section

Hey guys! So Kerensky here...or you can just call me Alex or Ajax. Just wanted to get this going and do an introduction type thread.I am currently 24 but will be 25 on the 29th of this month. I am also getting married on the 25th of this month.I a...
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PVP Reaper

Anybody got their great-sword wielding Death God figured out yet? I've been playing round but can't seem to find something that keeps me doing a lot of damage but also being able to hold a point for a long time.
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PVP BUNKER RANGER postjuly23rd patch..

longbow sigil of energy/icegreatsword energy/hydromancysolider amulet/ rune of traveler (or pack/pirate/ogre) but i like the perma speed from travelertraits:wilderness: middle/down/middle oakheart/shared/knowledgenature: middle/up/middle inst...
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PvP Build - D/D Elementalist (High Damage + High Vitality) [Post June Update]

Hi everyone...So since I was playing D/D Meta Ele build pre-update, it was hard to adjust to the new trait systems and the various changes to the skill model. I didn't want to give up on D/D Ele so started experimenting and here's a build I've co...
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General Lounge


I thought since we all seem to enjoy listening to music and have our collection of tracks we jam to when playing, I was curious to know what others enjoy and what they may class as their favourite tracks/genre when spending time on the various gam...
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Social Networks

If you have any account on any social network then you can post it here. :)Ig:Zeo92
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Jay Melons mind-blowing Necromancer guide!

This build mainly focuses on condition damage, wells, and a lot of sustain. It doesn't tear it up in PvE, but you have to remember, this is a necro build.WEAPONS: scepter/focus and staffSMITE: nothinCURSES: 61. Hemophilia2. Focused Rituals3. Linge...
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PvE Resources

Tired of Clicking?

I found this cool software that allows you to keybinds and write customize script for mouse/keyboard. 1. Download and install the program: Here's the script I use to bind my right mouse button to 250 left clicks. Its gr...
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PvP Mesmer Build

Shatter Guide by Supercutie.Greatsword+Staff or Greatsword + Sword/Focus
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PvE Ranger

PvE Ranger guide by Lorek & Cell-taken from Dulfy Class Guides
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PvE Elementalist

PvE Ele guide by Haviz & Zelyhn-taken from Dulfy Class Guides
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PvE Necro

Necromancer PvE guide by SpojThis isn't my build whatsoever, but figured I would repostedit: some people in the comments are saying that this is an older build (before the feature patch) therefore some information could be wrong. However i'm sure ...
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PvE Warrior

Comprehensive Warrior PvE guide by Elementsource
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PvE Resources

Making quick money

As some of you may know, level 1 or level-less gear can never become soulbound and can be freely transferred across characters. This gear drops from events, jumping puzzles etc. when your character is level 1-4 or so(best results at level 1 obviou...
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PvP Build List
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