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#11707575 Nov 02, 2015 at 11:08 PM
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Hi guys this is Dragolith I am here to prepare everyone for the Raiding enviroment for the upcoming patch where the first wing of raids will be released in GW2 HOT!!!

I know that everyone want's to jump in on the action straight away but i am here to tell you that this will not be easy. and the hardest content GW2 has ever released. so i encourage all of the readers to take care and consideration of what i am about to say thank you guys..

1. Priority that every member be completely fully ascended gear in the Specilazion or dual Specilizations they want to run.

2. have the best possible personal buffs and food required for there specilazion. Power dps require truffle steak, superior sharpening stones, condi dps, Bowl of Marjory's Experimental Chili or Cup of Lotus Fries. with superior sharpening stone. toxic stone or pumkin stone.

3. tanks Should be fully PVT gear Warriors/reavents/Guards. Bowl of Black Pepper Cactus Salad no question and preffered utility buff. also please find a way to get regeneration or heals from another source.

4. Supports. Depending on your class the Meta ATm is Druids. and there armour setup is Cleric's and Minstrell's Gear. if you do not have a full set up of ascended minstrells yet is is completelyt understandable to run clerics/ hybrid zerker. because of the way healing power scales

5. Boon stripping. at certain fights boon stripping is highly required. make sure your playing a class that has access to this if you are not the tank or healer

6. Pure dps and Condi DPS most of these fights we will be facing have multiple challenges. a part where a bos only takes pure dmg or a boss who only takes condi dmg. or a boss who needs its boons ripped off constantly.

7. multiple weapon set ups. the reason ascended gear is so important is because it is a 5% total incease in stats over exotic equipment. except when it comes to weapons . legendary weapons and ascended weapons do more damage than exotics. and some legendaries bypass physical defenses. IE Eternity/Incinerator they do elemntal dmg. so infact they bypass physical dmg shields. please make sure every weapon type your running is in fact at least Ascended,

8. at the moment a 10 man raid looks like we will need 1 tank/support........ 2 healers. IE druid's or druid elementalist heal specced. 5 pure dps 4 condi DPS and boon stips when needed.,

keep in mind that superior runes for your specific class may not come cheap. but neither is raiding it will require alot of work and require everyones 100% full attention and dedication. that is why this thread is for people who have full sets of ascended gear. or multiple sets ready to roll.

please refer to either for your specific weapons and builds or ask an officer in guild what they recomend for meta set up for optimum performance in raiding enviroment. weapon sigils etc.

also please check out these videos for an idea of what is to come

Your text to link here...

Alot of this is not in english so just try and watch the mechnaics for the fight. that we will be facing.

Also anyone interested in signing up for a raid spot. please post in this thread on there desired roll and specilation. weather it be pure dps/ condi dps/ tank/ support druid heals or ele heals. and if you can post a screen of your gear.

#11781396 Nov 21, 2015 at 06:35 PM
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I am interested in raiding. I miss my days as raid healer from WoW.I was working on an ascended zerk set for mr Ele (currently at 2 pieces) before the expansion hit, and figure I should reevaluate the gear I am crafting. I'd like to do more of a heals/support role in a raid, but will take on whatever role is needed.
#11785770 Nov 23, 2015 at 02:59 AM
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For people doing raids that need certain food, you can pm me. I do have certain foods for sale (and superior sharpening stones)
#11787192 Nov 23, 2015 at 09:59 AM
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Im always down to run heals on my druid. not quite a meta druid, but is full minstrels/clerics (except ascended gear i had b4 thats not, gotta get a few new peices.) but im always done just hmu
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