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#11329587 Jul 26, 2015 at 06:02 AM
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longbow sigil of energy/ice
greatsword energy/hydromancy

solider amulet/ rune of traveler (or pack/pirate/ogre) but i like the perma speed from traveler


wilderness: middle/down/middle oakheart/shared/knowledge

nature: middle/up/middle instinct/evasive/ward

markmanship: down/up/down call/seals/lead

troll ungent/lightning reflexes/quickzephyr/stone signet/entangle

pets: wolf.. f2 fear KD
hyena f2 spawns extra hyena. both do KD,

build is not spike dmg, u can hold points with tons of regen, conditions are not a problem, stun breaks, condi clears, CC with elite, u can run into a 3v1 and survive and annoy long enuff till help arrives means u kept 3 occupied while team caps elsewhere...

pm me in game if need help.
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