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The easiest way to make gold in GW2 is via TP flipping. Flipping means buying items on low price via buy order and selling at higher price via the sell order. TP is easy because you gold is "working for you" in a sense while you're AFK or completing content that's not as profitable just like real world trading and investing. This will free you up to do what you really enjoy in GW2 and reduce the amount of time devoted to farming signifcantly.

Here are some general rules and guidelines of flipping

  1. You can start with 50g for flpping, but the ideal pot is between 400g to 500g based on my experience before it become less effective. Once you have accumulated sufficient gold from flipping, you can invest in skins, mats, or put money in your precursors.
  2. Any item on the trading post can be flipped, regardless whether the skin is ugly or the stats is useless in a sense. Hence, do not be picky or think too hard about what will actually sell because the sell order will eventually be filled.
  3. You goal is to keep your gold and inventory in constant circulation, and make every attempt to reduce the time the gold/invetory is on the trading post. In orther words, BUY QUICK and SELL QUICKLY with PROFIT.
  4. Having a diverse inventory increase the chances of fulfilling both the buy and sell order, and reduce the gold/invetories sitting on the trading post.
  5. Seek out item with the highest return on investment or ROI. For example, flipping low level rares, buying at 0.5G and selling for 1.0 G is more worthwhile compare to fliping exotics (buying for 2.5g and selling at 3.0g)

Here's my typical flipping routine and be forewarned it's rather boring to setup all the buy orders intiially, but it's get easy after that,
  1. Filter for lvl 20 to lvl 40 rare weapon, then sort by price from high to low.
  2. Go down the list and buy 1-2 of each weapon via buy order (its about 0.5g each). Remember the goal is to diversify so it's easier to buy and sell the item. Put buy order 1 coin higher than the top bidder, Bidding significantly higher than that is not worthwhile as the order will be filled as long as you're the highest bidder.
  3. I usually try to flip items that sell for 2x the buy order or at least 1.5x to make the trade worthwhile. I think once it gets down to buy order or 0.25 to 0.30g, the profit margin decreases significant and it's no longer worthwhile.
  4. Now filter for lvl 40 to lvl 65 rare weapon and repeat the process.
  5. After you are done placing buy order for rare weapons, you can do the same for low level rare armor as well. I generally do not flip exotics unless I'm really desperate for gold or just feel like clicking.
  6. Let the buy order sit on TP for a day or so. Once you have a substantial items (50+ items) on TP, retrieve the item and list it back on the TP immediately (1 coin below the lowest sale price). Going back to the guideline, you want to minimize the gold and inventories on the TP and keep flipping as quick as possible.
  7. Remember to refresh your buy order and sell order on TP. For buy orders, I usually refresh mine every 5 days by going to TP history, remove the old bid and place a new bid. I'll do the same for my sell orders every 10 days or so. Try not to relist your sell orders too quickly as there's a 5% listing fee everytime the item is listed on TP. You can do this while waiting on world boss, PvP queue, or during easy dungeon run.
  8. To make life easy, refer to the TP history of items bought/sold to place new buy orders, and step 1-5 is no longer required. You might need to repeat step 1-5 after 2 months of so, if you start missing out on items ending up in limited buy list.
  9. Lastly, be generous, share your good fortune with your fellow guildies, and enjoy the game
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I don't really like flipping , I don't like all the clicking on the slow tp. Did click a lot when I bought lots of cheap rares that can be salvage to ecto's (buy orders). Another easy way to get gold is to sell timegated items. It will give you low but steady income.

Timegated - once a day. (prices on 17 oktober 2015)
Plate of Piquant Plant Food (41s73 profit each)
Plate of Meaty Plant Food (89s76 profit each)
Deldrimor Steel Ingot (72s05 profit each)
Bolt of Damask (1g66s77 profit each)

Total: 3g70s31 profit a day
May not sound much, but it adds up: 110G every 30 days.

- Use buy order to stock the mats you need. (Once)
- Craft the stuff on the list (Every day)
- Sell for profit (Once)
- Repeat

(The mats for Bolt of Damask can get really high, but you can seperate it. You only need the Bolt of Silk for the timegated Spool of Silk Weaving Thread, the other mats can be acquired later because Bolt of Damask is not timegated. Same for Deldrimor Steel Ingot and Lump of Mithrilium)

You can decide how often you want to stock items (once a week/once a month)

This is one way how I made gold for my giveaways/raffles.

Feel free to ask anything if you have questions.
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