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Shogun Council
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The Beginning
The history of Dark Ronins started in Feb 2013. Silent was at that time a general in the Logan Raiders(LR) guild. The leader had some personal issues and had to be away from the game. He promised that he’d return to the game, but showed up only on rare occasions. Weeks went by, then a month passed. Other officers stopped repping and began jumping to other guilds. Feeling left masterless, Silent went guideless in WvW and was picked up by RegA, the largest guild on Devona’s Rest during the run. He spent a few days in the guild, but felt like a stranger there.

Silent then decided to quit both RegA and LR and went guildless. He added a few key guildies on his contact list, paid off a 30+ gold loan that the LR lead owed to an ex-guildie for the commander sigil (out of honor and guilt for recruiting the ex-guildie), said a quick goodbye, and went guildless. Finally, he formed a guild as a personal storage account. He initially wanted the guild name “Dark Ronin” to represent a single Ronin, which suited Silent's status at that time.

Wikipedia definition of Ronin:
A rōnin or rounin was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the death or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege.

Dark Ronins Early Days
However, the guild name had already been taken, so Silent settled on “Dark Ronins” instead and the guild was initiated in February 2013. Out of the blue, Kerensky from LR decided to join the guild, aware that we might not get very far. Hence, Kerensky was known as “Ichiban” or “The First”. We then decided to form a small guild of 20+ members for WvW runs, by recruiting strangers and not fellow ex-guildies, as we did not want to break up the LR guild. After week or two passed, Mercanus and Dakkor from Logan Raiders decided to join us as well. We then decided to classify ourselves as “A Guild for the Guildless." We met with a number of fine folks from the Devona’s Rest server, a few from other servers, and joined ranks with them. Astonishingly, the guild grew to 50+ members in the 1st month, and 100+ members by the end of the 2nd month. Guild size, however, didn’t matter much to us-- what mattered most was that we had finally found ourselves a home.

Godmother of the Guild
Sophrix joined the guild during the first month after the guild was initiated, when Silent met her at Maw. He took it as a sign from God that her account name is "Ronin." She contributed immensely to the guild’s growth. She was (and still is) the official Godmother of the guild, always stocking apples in the guild stash, feeding all the hungry guildies, and making the guild a joyful place to be. Sophrix moved up the ranks quickly and answered the call to the Shogun rank(co-lead with Silent)when the guild needed her in Aug 2013, which freed up Silent to focus on WvW. To this day, we still think she's one of the best RONIN ever. Although the guild has failed her numerous times, she never failed the guild once. Case in point; who else in the world would get on GW2 to make sure missions were going as planned after just giving birth to a 11.5 lb baby two days before??

The Migration to Jade Quarry
Over the following months, Dark Ronins became one of the more well-known and respected guilds on Devona's Rest, as we grew in size, had a couple of popular WvW zerg commanders (Silent & Krassen) and stayed on the server longer than many of the large guilds that left for other servers. About 3/4 of the WvW population went to other servers 1-2 months before WvW Season 1 started. DR guild ran a lot night cappings, staying up until the wee morning hours flipping the entire map with a group of 10 in order to catch up by winning a high number of points per turn. It lasted for a few months before we finally burned out and decided that the guild needed a more active server to grow. After much deliberation, Dark Ronins officers finally settled on the Jade Quarry server and the migration began in September 2013.

Early Struggles on Jade Quarry
The move to Jade Quarry was not easy at all. The guild lost about 2/3 of its members and a few leads. It was a fragile time for the guild as the odds are stacked against any PvX guild that transfers to a top-tier, highly populated server. Charis, Kolstal, Sophrix, and Silent were among the first few who transferred to JQ and hit the ground running to rebuild the guild influence, infrastructure, and a establish name for ourselves on the top-ranked NA server. Luxferus stayed behind on Devona’s Rest to queue weekly guild missions for the guild. With 30-40 core guildies on JQ, the guild went on a massive rebuilding and recruiting process. A lot of guildies that didn't make the move ended up quitting the game not long after and a few joined other guilds on Devona’s Rest. It was a rather emotional time for the guild but it was a step we needed to take in order to grow and thrive in the future.

In the end, the move worked out well for the Dark Ronins. The guild had found its proper home on JQ, as core guildies no longer had to choose between staying with the guild or transferring to a larger server, and WvW and PvE maps are more active and suited to the guild. We established a weekly rhythm of guild events, have a significant number of members with commander sigils who provide leadership in various world events, and guildies can almost always be seen around Lion’s Arch.

After Dark Ronins was fully established on JQ with 300+ members, Silent decided to step down from the guild leadership in Feb 2014 due to his personal schedule. Under Sophrix’s guidance and a group of dedicated leads and guildies, the guild reached 500 members in Apr 2014, though the roster is now smaller as we have since then culled out inactive members.

Drama Unfolds
There will always be ups and downs in the guild. The large influx of new players in the guild also took a toll on the guild officers and leads, officer burnouts, drama, improper conduct/conduct by new recruits, and the guild lost some of its core in the process of growing. The guild tried its best to accommodate the guild needs by promoting selected guildies up the ranks to assist with managing the guild. A number of key players and officers also lost interest in the game. Drama soon unfolded with a couple of newly-minted Lords and Officers leaving the guild.

Establishment of The Shogun Council
After looking back at what the guild has been through, the remaining core guild leadership decided to move away from its hierarchical solo lead structure and form the Shogun Council. The Shogun Council was established in June 2014, comprised of 5 leads from existing leadership (Sophrix, Charis, Kolstal, Lux, and Silent) who now share responsibility for the guild. All council members are long-time guild members, have sworn loyalty to the guild and have the best interest of the guild in mind. The new structure will provide stability in the guild and help prevent leader burnouts. We are now refocusing on its core members, slow sustainable growth, and having fun.

This era of the guild is represented by the new guild emblem, which the guild chose together. It's a symbol of a new day for Dark Ronins, in which we will soar upwards and onwards.

Our hope is that you’ll join us and find yourself at home here as well. Our main goal is not to be the largest or best known guild (although it’d be nice), but to be the MOST FUN guild. We strongly believe we’ll be the best by attracting and keeping the right people by being the most fun and friendly guild around. We hope that you enjoy your stay!

Thank you for reading our story and for being a part of it.

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