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#9648725 Jun 17, 2014 at 08:24 PM
Shogun Council
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1. Be friendly to all. Treating new players or any guildies in a demeaning way will not be tolerated.

2. Communicate and resolve conflict quickly and quietly. Drama is not tolerated in the guild.

3. Sexist and racist comments will not be tolerated in the guild chat or voice chat. All chat/comments must be PG13.

4. Loyal, positive and helpful guildies will be promoted quickly.

5. All guild-organized events have a free drop-in and drop-out policy. We do not force anyone to join in a raid or dungeon. We do, however, encourage guildies' participation and we aim to make events fun for everyone.

6. All guild members are encouraged to recruit new members to the guild. We need to keep recruiting to keep the guild alive; the day we stop is the day the guild dies.

7. Shogun Council members share responsibility for the guild leadership and have committed to the Shogun Council's oaths.

8. Rotation of ranking officers is encouraged depending on who’s available (life events get in a way sometimes) and can contribute most to the guild. Officers are required to adhere to Officer Guidelines.

9. Occasional repping of another guild for social purposes, WvW or bounty is allowed except for ranking officers.

10. If you are repping another guild for more than 50% of the time, please inform guild leads so you’ll be move to an “Emissary” role. You will eventually be removed from the guild roster if you remain inactive in the guild.
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