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Shogun Council
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DR is led by a Shogun Council of four members. The current council members are Sophrix, Charis, Kolstal, and Req. Silent is the guild founder. This post outlines the commitments that each council member has made to the guild and the other posts in the thread are a statement by each council member to help the guild get to know us better.

I, as a member of Shogun Council, solemnly swear to

- Not betray the guild; I will not leave the guild to form another guild or form my own guild.

- Give at least 1 week notice if I have to quit the game or step down from the council due to unforeseen circumstances or personal schedule.

- Love the game; and I foresee myself staying at least 6 months in the game upon joining the council.

- Treat other council members as my own brother and sister. Resolve all conflict and disagreement through discussion and voting.

- Agree to disagree; if a vote on guild matters did not go my way, I will strive for the greater good of the guild by supporting the council's final decision.

- Be respectful of all players regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual preference, or experience in gaming.

- Lead at least 1 guild activity per week based on my interest in game activities and availability (e.g. guild mission night, meta-events, WvW raid, PvP tournament, PvE).

- Support and participate in all scheduled guild activity (if I'm online) as a courtesy to the council member leading the activity.

- Manage the guild website, roster, recruitment and daily activities, always striving to make guild activities fun, active and friendly to all.

-Remember that GW2 is just for fun, while having a meaningful and joyous life outside of the game.

I solemnly swore to Shogun Council's oaths by filling the personal information/questionnaire about myself below:
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Shogun Council
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Guild Founder

Tell us something personal about yourself:
Hi everyone, my name is Ken. I'm 34 this year, married with a 4 year old boy (another baby due in September). I'm originally from Malaysia and been in the US for 14 years for college/work/paying taxes, etc. I'm not a native English speaker, but I can speak 5 languages none of them very well. (Karka = Kahhkaa? KrahhKa?? What??....:D)

I work as a licensed engineer in one of the largest engineering consulting firm (Fortune 500 company). Yes, I'm a geek and love fixing problems, love challenges, and making a difference.

When I'm free and not on the game, I spend time goofing off with the kiddo and be a slave to the wife....:D

Tell us about your history with the guild (when and how you joined the guild):
Oh boy..I started the guild with the intention of having it as a personal bank after my first guild 'Logan Raiders' on Devona Rest went dead. We joined rank with good people, and it kind of grew from a few rag-tag WvW runners to what we have now. More details on the Guild Background section if you're interested.

Tell us your most memorable moment(s) about the guild:
A lot of memories with the guild which is one of the reason came back as a member of the Shogun Council after stepping down from Guild Lead back in Feb 2013. It's sad to see some of old friends quitting the game or leave, but I always find great people in the guild that makes me want to come back and run with them. Sweet memories include; meeting Sophrix at Maw, meeting & rezzing Charis in a Hotw pug group(she was all green with her low level warrior), Kolstal for showing me Orr and escorting my noob thief, Lux at one of Divinity's Reach dark alleys, Krassen for stacking might and attacking a friendly camp in WvW (dont laugh, it was 3 am) and a lot more.

What do you love most about the game and which activity will you be leading:
I really like WvW and PvP and still enjoys it. Occasionally I might run a dungeon or fractals if a group needs another runner. I'll be leading once a week guild raid in WvW and increase our runs if interest grows. There'll be music, food, fun, drinks, laughs.

If you have one wish, what would you change in the guild?
I wish this guild will come closer as a family and everyone who join the guild never leaves. I wish our guildies understand that we treat each and everyone one of them as family. And they are important to us, and there are always ways to resolve an issue without having to leave. many wishes again?

What is your personal goal in the game?
No goals really. I don't need another legendaries (they are overated). Spent enough time farming World bosses, dungeons, been there done that. All I'm aiming for is to I get on to have fun with the guild and keep improving my play.

Tell us what you think about your current council members.

Sophrix - She's a real life Norn. She can solo Lupi, crush BG zerg and dance with her frogs while giving birth to a 11.5 pound baby.

Kostal - He never spoke in TS, and I doubt we'll ever hear his voice. He should be nicknamed "Silent". I think he's bald and beautiful in real life (just like his warrior toon). He has 14 hunting rifles, drives a Ram pickup truck, and lives in the woods for 5 months out of the year with Wifi connection for gaming.

Charis - She's a sweetheart with a heart of gold, always caring and being there for the guild . She secretly care for 200 feral cats, feeding, washing and nursing them. And she can lead guild mission while driving 90mph.

Req - Req has been unofficial part of DR guild for a long time. Req was in our partner guild MeM which we used to run dungeons and WvW together. Req helped DR to qeue guild mission when we just moved over to JQ and has been part of DR family ever since.

Tell us about your vision and where do you see the guild 3-6 months from now:
I see an era of stability in the guild, rid of drama, just pure fun, an escape from daily grinds of life. We dont strive to be the largest or best known guild, but the MOST FUN one. We are not hardcore players by other guilds/players' definition (most "hardcore" guilds/players quit after 3 months anyway) but we are here to stay.
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Shogun Council
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Tell us something personal about yourself:
Hey everyone, my name is Chila. I'm 25 years old and have been married for 5 years. I have two children, 4 year old girl (may God have mercy on my soul) and an 8 month old boy. I was born and raised in the beauiful Pacific Northwest and haven't traveled outside of the PNW, although I'm sure the Navy will be changing that. Hobbies include reading, playing video games, and gardening.

Tell us about your history with the guild (when and how you joined the guild):
I joined the guild when it was somewhere between a week to a month old and have stuck with it ever since. Its always had some fun people to hang out with in game and overall made GW2 a million times more fun. Last game I logged this many hours into was Skyrim >.<

Tell us your most memorable moment(s) about the guild:
Oh geez, haha. Theres too many memories to pick just one! I think my favorite has to be when I very first joined the guild. Silent had recruited me then invited me to party (we were fighting the Svanir Shaman) he had toon hopped a couple times and since I was such a scrub I thought the guild had 3 different members with the name Silent ____ in their name. It took me forever to figure out it was the same guy xD

What do you love most about the game and which activity will you be leading:
I enjoy PvE and WvW (if theres a good commander and stuff is getting done) I will continue leading guild missions Saturday night. It will be fun, there will be chaos, and if you guys are lucky, I just might bring cookies.

If you have one wish, what would you change in the guild?
Just one wish? I guess that we all could be closer as a guild, have have everyone involved. Its kinda lame that we can have 30+ people online and only a handful of us are chatting and having fun. Everyday in Dark Ronins should be a party!

What is your personal goal in the game?
Finish making my ascended armor and weapons for my ranger, finishing my "acolyte of Dwayna" collection, and then leveling the rest of my toons to 80

Tell us what you think about your current council members:

Silent - He's a seasoned vet of Gw2. He's seen some sh!t, and done some things. When he's not taking on the BG zerg solo, he's soloing Lupi with one hand tied behind his back. You can always count on him to teach you the ropes in WvW, dungeons, FoTM... basically everything.

Kostal - Not much is to be known about Kolstal. You can frequently find him roaming around in WvW kicking ass and taking names. Outside of the game I imagin that when he's not at work he's wrestling bears with his bare (haha) hands and hunting mountain lion with a crossbow. So I guess basically hes a hardcore mountain man o.o Beard and everything.

Charis - She has got to be the sanest out of us all. When we're lke a bunch of hyenas that somehow access to a computer, shes enjoying the show. Not that she hasn't been known to partake in our craziness ever once in awhile. Like Silent, you can count on her to help you out. And if she doesn't know how to do something, she will give it a shot just to help someone out.

Req - Req has been with us since the beginning. First as an ally, then a major supporter during our move to Jade Quarry. He has always had the guild's best interests at heart and will make a wonderful addition to the council. I think he has got to be the most experienced player out of us all, with his 10 million achievement points and collection of legendaries. He also knows his dungeons and fracts inside and out, so if you need help, go to Req!

Tell us about your vision and where do you see the guild 3-6 months from now:
I see us stronger then ever before, rid of drama, and filled with active members. Once again, the fun guild that we once were. DR4lyfe, yo
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Shogun Council
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Tell us something personal about yourself:

Hey Ronins, my name is Laura. I’m 33 and married. No kids. I live in Chicago now, though I’m from Colorado originally. I love the city here, but nothing compares to the mountains. I love hiking/backpacking/camping etc when I can. Another hobby of mine is reading, which works out well because my job is in book publishing. I get to do my work from home full time though I have to travel pretty regularly for work. I’m actually a pirate.

Tell us about your history with the guild (when and how you joined the guild):
Silent invited me to the guild. He says it was during a dungeon run, which I don’t actually remember, but I suppose I believe him. This was in April or May 2013. I was born on the Tarnished Coast server, but Silent convinced me to transfer to DR and then later to JQ. No more transfers, I hope! I was an officer for a while, then event lord, and glad to be on the shogun council now.

Tell us your most memorable moment(s) about the guild:

-Krassen’s farewell party was some crazy fun
-Taking keeps with a havoc squad led by Silent in WvW
-The amazingness of running in zergs with a few guildies that first week in JQ wvw after transferring from DR. It was like a different game.
-Arah P4 with Soph, Ego, Grey, and Krassen (I think) was the longest dungeon run ever.

What do you love most about the game and which activity will you be leading:
I love talking to people and killing GW stuff. Killing stuff is most fun right now in dungeons/fracs, though my interest tends to cycle between dungeons and wvw and pvp, so I’m sure that will change again sometime. I'll co-lead guild missions with Sophrix.

If you have one wish, what would you change in the guild?
I want the people that I like to always stay in the guild and to love the game for as long as I do.

What is your personal goal in the game?
Have fun, see the guild do well, get to know people, get a legendary eventually (been working on this one passively for over a year).

Tell us what you think about your current council members.

Sophrix - Soph is strong, articulate, super fun, and great at catching pop culture references. I’m so glad she’s been around and willing to run the guild in these past months!

Kostal - Kols’ stability in the guild, helpfulness, and wvw soloing skills are impressive. I’ve considered him a friend ever since he showed me the ropes in wvw the first time I was trying it out.

Silent - Silent is a great person and a great leader. He set the tone for the guild as a supportive, positive, energetic group, and I believe that’s the main reason why DR is one of the best guilds in the game today. He cares about people a lot and can 1v10 with a thief like nobody’s business!

Req - Req is always fun to have in a party. He's friendly and knows a ton about the game. He's a loyal Ronin and we're so glad to have him join us on the Shogun Council.

Tell us about your vision and where do you see the guild 3-6 months from now:
No guild (or game) lasts forever, but DR is in a great place now with five shogun council members that are in it for the long haul and some fantastic officers that give us a fresh perspective and talents. I think this will give us good stability and energy to be a fun place for existing players and welcome in new ones. In 3-6 months, I’ll look forward to seeing a regular string of weekly events happening and plenty of fun guild chat going on during the hours that a bunch of us are playing.
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Shogun Council
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My name is Aaron and I am 38 years old. I am married and have 3 kids.
I have been in the military for 20 years and counting. I am a aircraft mechanic and on a side note I hate to fly. I live in Montana right next to the Missouri River.
I love being in the mountains hiking and fishing.
I drive a ram pickup truck and love hooking up my camper and heading out to the woods with my 14 fishing poles (don't own any rifles) haha that was funny silent.
I would love to stay in the mountains for five months out of the year that would be awesome but Montana's wifi is terrible.

I started out playing in the Logan Raiders guild, when the guild lead had personal events come up the guild just died. I ended up being the only daily player, I was left alone in this big world. Silent was a player that I partied up with a lot in this game so I whispered him and asked if I could join his guild he started up. For some reason unknown to me he accepted me into his guild. I have been enjoying the game ever since.

To be honest there are so many that it wouldn't be fair just to add a few. In the beginning of the guild all of us would run together everywhere, so I would have to say the time in DR server was the most memorable time.

I love everything about this game except for FOTM and jumping puzzles. I really have fun doing just about everything.

My wish would be to have fun no matter what, its just a game. who cares if something takes to long or it went to fast, you died falling from a 1000 foot cliff. If anyone knows my play style they would know I run head first into a 500 man zerg, alone or with a zerg myself, I don't care, I look at my computer screen and laugh the whole time I am doing it.

My personal goal is to treat everyone on TS by hearing my voice. It will happen because that is my goal.


SOPHRIX- great leader, very well organized and hell ummm your toon is hot (oops did I just type that out loud?) I have had nothing but fun since soph has been part of the guild.

SILENT- silent is here, silent is there, silent is doing this, silent is doing that. this guy is there for everyone, does anything and everything. silent has a heart of gold. I don't know if I still would be playing this game if he wasn't around, silent has made it that much fun..... by the way can I have your heart of gold so I can trade it in for another legendary.

CHARIS- when there is another warrior that runs head first into a big zerg with me, it would be charis, now that's a true guildie. having fun dying in a blaze of glory.....either that or one of us just gave the enemy a precursor from our loot bag.

Req- Req has been part of the guild from the start when we moved to JQ, Holding down the fort on DR when we were getting some stability in JQ. I am grateful and very glad that he made the move to JQ with us. He brings fun and knowledge everywhere he goes, I don't believe I have ever had a dull moment when he has been around.

With the people we have in this guild the sky is the limit with this guild. With things changing our guild overcomes and adapts, that is what is needed with a good guild. I see the guild enjoying the game for what it is. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY.
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Shogun Council
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Tell us something personal about yourself:
Hello fellow ronins, my name is Harrison. I just turned 25, single and party with broccoli. I was born in Shanghai, China and lived in Taiwan, I moved to Canada in '05 and had been here ever since.

I work for the second largest school board in Canada, and am in charge of front end design and development for its intranet. I code in javascript like no tomorrow and enjoy providing users the best possible experience. (oh boy this sounds like a résumé)

I love video games, jazz piano, cooking and photography. I was often told by my friends that I would make a great housewife, I would not disagree but recommend them the movie "Gone Girl".

I am mostly a funny, happy-go-lucky person, unless you send me emails in Comic Sans.

Tell us about your history with the guild (when and how you joined the guild):
I was from the old sister guild Dragon Riders [MeM] in Devona Rest with Char and Pure, and used to run guild mission with Dark Ronins. It was such a pleasant experience with all the members I transfered to Jade Quarry after everyone quit in Dragon Riders. While I do miss the old members in my first guild, the member of DR are welcoming and fun to play with.

Tell us your most memorable moment(s) about the guild:
Pink WvW;
Charis or Sophrix forgot she was mute in team speak the entire time during mission;
Everyone making vege-related character names and the birth of "Brocco Le";
All the hide and seek games;
... but honestly there are too many moments to treasure and I am so thankful for all ronins for creating the countless highlights in my GW2 gaming life.

What do you love most about the game and which activity will you be leading:
I enjoy dungeons and FOTM, I would love to join more runs and plan more for guild members in the new year. Hide and seek is also really fun as long as I can find more super secret order of whipsers hiding spots!

If you have one wish, what would you change in the guild?
More activities for everyone, and organize time a bit better for the couple of aussies in the guild.

What is your personal goal in the game?
Collect all the things and getting any other fractal weapons other than my 4 warhorns. Help a lot more guildies achieve "Dungeon Master" and "Dungeoneer" titles.

Tell us what you think about your current council members.

Charis - Charrrrrrris is the only person who makes me think "pirate > ninja".

Kostal - silent as the catwoman, dangerous as the batman.

Silent - Silent the Golden Cat! Ooooo shiny!

Sophrix - Sophrix is a badass norn with her pretty bow!

Tell us about your vision and where do you see the guild 3-6 months from now:
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