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Here's the thief build I been runing for a while, its pretty verstile for both WvW and dungeon:

Valkyrie armor with Superior Rune of Wurm
Thief has very low base hp, and although knight armor works well against initial damage, but I felt that my HP is still too low to take on conditions damage. End up dieing from condition damage before i can cure it in time. This setup will give u a bas hp of close to 16.5K and if you're traited like I am, I'll bump you close to 17.5K hp (a releatively healthy hp). Rune of Wurm is great because it gives you both vitality and crit damage. If you're traited for 100% crit from stealth, having a high critical dmg definitiely helps in downing an eny from backstab.

Dagger/dagger - I still love daggger/dagger, although dagger/pistol (for perma steath) and pisto/dagger (condition build) are viable options. Superior Rune of Air or Fire can be use (Air is the cheaper option)

Shortbow - Sigil of Bloodlust works great in stacking power on kills. You'll get up to 25 stacks pretty quick when fighting a zerg. I usually switch to shotbow when facinga mob or runing in a zerg as it's great AOE weapon. Cluster bomb for stacking might and blasting combo fields are just too awesome and help boons the entire party taking on the tower or supply camp

This is a stealth based build but can switch to open field thief commander fairly easily 0/30/20/20.
Critical Strkes
Practiced Tolerance for additional HP boost
Hidden Killer - 100% crit while in stealth is crucial to land the massive backstab. I switch this out with The Executionar (20% dmg on ememy below 50% hp) when runing as a commander or in a zerg

Shadow Arts
Shadow Embrace - This is a life saver and help me cure conditions whenever I stealth.
Infusion of Shadow - Cloak and dagger cost a whole lot less with this trait. Crucial for any stealth based build
Cloaked in Shadow - You blind foes when you stealth which is excellent to prevent a stomp on your allies and keep foes blinded for most of the fight. You'll help your party massively with this trait

I placed the remaining traits on power for Mug, which works well with basilisk venom to land the backstab.

Shadow Refuge - A lifesaver to rez ally, retreat from battle, cure conditions, and to ensure a clean stomp
Daggerstorm - I use this when capturing tower/supply camp to knock out all the adds before focusing on the champ. I also like to stealth and head deep into enemy zerg and daggerstorm to knock our all the ranged glass cannons.
Basilisk Venom - Use this when roming alone of with 2-3 allies.

Here's the build:

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:D cool ill try out :D
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