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Here's my roaming WvW warrior build with axe/shield and hammer combo. Its still a work in progress as I having been using my warrior much in WvW. However, I find it perfect for runing with 5-10 group size. It does fairly well in zerg, but it's more a selfish build (provide less boons to the group) compared to the "WvW Zerg build"

1. The build is a variation for the nightmare build with a bit more toughness from full knight armor. I took his idea of using rune of melandru which reduce condition duration significantly and provide added toughness. Check out nightmare build here with greatsword instead of hammer.

2. This build is focus on burst damage and lots of "earthshakers". I usually jump into the fight with bull charge, switch to axe/shield. With the sigil of hydromacy slotted on the shield, it'll chill the enemy down. Then keep slashing enemy with occasional shield bash to stun them. Critical hits with axe build adrenaline and once that's filled, i'll swap to hammer followed by Hammer Shock and then the almighty Earthshaker.

3. I still need Runes of Melandru to complete my build and pop lemongrass poultry soup for reducing condition duration/damage significantly.

4. Here's t a video taken a week ago. It doesnt reflect the final build product, but u get the idea of the play and versatility with this build.
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full regen warrior, what i am converting one of my warriors to since they are basically this but focused a bit more on condition damage which just doesn't work as well and i bascially have all the gear already. Good for running alone as well as in groups and not dying like ever. Just another build folks might want to use as well.
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