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#8345023 Aug 25, 2013 at 09:07 AM · Edited 8 years ago
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This is a pretty solid zerg build (runing with 10-20). I might not follow exactly but the key pointers here are:

1. PVT armor with soldier rune for condition removal. Excellent for helping the zerg/raid up with conditions. PVT armor is probably the versatile armor for most WvW zerg build. Zerker armor is not a viable option for WvW (in fact for most dungeon, unless you're are really good.). Try starting with a tankier build and slowly switching to zerker once you are familiar with play/dungeon.

2. Warhorn - Buffing up the entire zerg with swiftness and also to blast combo fields (water, fire, etc) field for stacking might, healing and others.

3. Sword - Works great for gap closing. You can substitute it for axe for additional damage, but u lose the ability to leap into the zerg or get away if u need to.

4. Hammer - I prefer hammer over great sword. Great sword gives the additional mobility with Whirlwind and Rush, but Hammer is overall better against a mob. Also Hunrdred Blades skill is pretty much useless in WvW (no idiot will stand there and take all the damage). The ability to interrupt, knockdown and interrupt is key to stopping big attacks and attack on friendlies. AOE earthshaker and seeing the ground rumble makes one feel like THOR.

5. His option trinkets can probably be swapped up with zerker/knight trinkets if you'll like. I probably won't swap up the trinkets until you're certain of the build cause they are pretty pricey.

I have not tried this build out personally. I have the PVT armor set with soldier runes, so I can give it a try when I have a chance.

My warrior build is currently for skirmishes 5-10 folks with hammer + sword/shield with lots of burst damage. I'll post that shortly when i get a chance.
#9648068 Jun 17, 2014 at 04:02 PM
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Kolstal the Norn build.(WVW)

dogged march, merciless hammer, spiked armor
lung capacity, quick breathing, vigorous shouts
signet mastery

SWORD/WARHORN-sigil of bloodlust, sigil of hydromancy
HAMMER-sigil of fire, sigil of paralyzation

ARMOR- 3 power/precision/toughness, 3 power/toughness/vitality
6 superior rune of melandru

all trinkets are power/toughness/vitality

SKILLS- healing surge, shake it off, for great justice, dolyak signet, battle standard.

I have a blast with this build with a zerg or a small party
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