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Devona's Rest Leaderboards
See where you rank in achievement points.

A good list of food by traits they buff.

Guild Wars 2 Looking for Group
Find pugs for dungeons when guildies aren't available.

Guild Wars 2 Armor
Window shop for armor.

Codes for the new achievement armor skins
See how the new achievement skins will look on your armor before using them. Copy and paste the codes into chat and preview the correct one.

Reddit GW2 Page
See what the reddit kids are going on about.

Guild Wars 2 Codex
Builds people have posted.
Another build site.
A good site to set up a build with equipment and see the stats you'll have.
See what's hot in the Trading Post

Dynamic Event Chains
Handy list of dynamic events to make leveling faster for new players.

Guild Wars Speed Clear Records
New Info site
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Very Nice. I use the following fairly often:

Just all around useful, guess it's like reddit. Class forums and such

To get your exploration easier

Event timers
Go to event timers and select server...pretty accurate. Sometimes they are off when folks don't update.

I came across this guys YouTube when I wanted to find some good farming areas for trade skills.

Again, all around good site for living stories, dailies, whatever.

For hard jumping puzzles or just want a walk-through, I'll do a youtube search of the name and watch the ones by AyinMaiden.

Hope these help!
Enjoy =)

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