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#8282471 Aug 12, 2013 at 08:26 PM · Edited 8 years ago
Shogun Council
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Guild Structure
· Guildie should ONLY rep this guild for WvW, please continue repping the mother guild for dungeon and PvE events.
· This guild is intended to be competitive play and TS3 is required for all members. All members must have TS3 installed, (headset/speaking is not required), but you must be able to hear voice command. I’ll be pestering everyone about it till u get bored of me.
· All new recruits should join the mother guild before joining the WvW guild. Invitations to WvW guild will be exclusive to WvW runners and ONLY officers are allowed to invite new guildies
· The guild command structure will be broken into 3 tiers

o Must have commander sigil and a ranking officer of the mother guild.
o Responsible for leading WvW squad.
o Queue and activate WvW upgrades and boons.

o All lords/officers of mother guild who are "non-WvW runners" will fall into this rank
o His/her primary job is to invite guildies from the mother guild to WvW guild and help administer the WvW guild if commander is absent
o Administer guild bank (moving WvW related items i.e. blueprints or food buff to WvW guild)

o Hardcore WvW/PvP runners and willing to sacrifice for your guild and server cause.
o Help record WvW run and publish video to promote guild as premier WvW guild.
#8608062 Oct 21, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Shogun Council
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With the move to Jade Quarry server, the WvW guild has now been deactivated and will only be used for officers meeting. All communications will be done through TeamSpeak from now on. Thanks
#8612215 Oct 22, 2013 at 03:40 PM
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Sounds good. We need to work on getting a presence in WvW, Myself and a few others have run with HzH and RQ mostly when we are on. So DR is being rep in WvW.
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