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General guides/resources
That_shaman's boss timer
Event timer
Almar's Guides
I prefer Almar's guides for his farming routes
no resource page is complete without Dulfy
Temple/God Karma Armor Sets
Use this to plan ahead when opening temples in Orr
Legendary weapons
A overview of legendary weapons and whats needed to make them
Build editor
a good tool to plug in your build (or plan one)
GW2 Dungeons
this site is AMAZING. It covers ever dungeon and FoTM path and tells you what to do
EggBaron's guide for promoting mats
Helpfuly for when you want to promote t5 mats into t6
Gw2 Efficiency
Gives you a break down of you account value and has mat farming routes
Gw2 Crafts
The best crafting guide there is
Scribe leveling
Dulfy's scribe guide is pretty good alternative to gw2crafts scribing guide
Adventure guide
Written/video guides to the HoT Adventures

Important guild resources
Guild Mission guides
Make sure you have these two pages up when the guild runs bounty

Dulfy's Ascended Crafting coverage
Ascended weapon mat list and weapon sets
Ascended armor galary, stats, and crafting guide
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Have skills points laying around? Here's how you can profit from it?

Another website for skill points to gold conversion. Think this website is probably the BESTEST I found
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Sophrix's guide to ascended armor

It seems a lot of people just don't know where (or how) to start crafting ascended armor, so I put together this guide to help simplify the process. Keep in mind exotic level armor is good enough for most gametypes. You will need ascended armor for high level fractals and raiding. Dungeons, WvW, and afking in Lion's Arch doesn't need it.

Step 1
This is the easiest part. You need to decide which of your characters you want to make the armor for because you will need to get the appropriate crafting profession to level 500. So if you want to make the armor for a necro, then you will need to level up tailoring. If you already have the craft maxed out on a different toon, thats fine, ascended armor is account bound, so you can craft it then drop the armor into your bank for your other toon to grab. Use Gw2crafts for a crafting guide up to 500. It usually costs around 130g to max out.

Step 2
Congratulations, you finished leveling up your crafting profession and are ready to move on. This is where it gets a little bit trickey. You need to choose what stat combo you want. You can use Metabattle to see what stats are the meta for certain game types, talk to map chat/guild chat, or you can choose whatever you like. Once you've chosen the stats you want you need to get the recipes. You can buy all seven at once (6 armor recipes + 1 stat recipe) or you can do one at a time. Use to figure out the armors ascended name. Berserker armor is called Zojja's, soldier's becomes Ahamid, and so on. Armor with 3 stat combinations is in the core game, while four stat combos are exclusive to Heart of Thorns (so if you don't have the xpac you cannot craft it)

Step 2a (core game stats)
You decide to craft armor with core game stats. The crafting NPC sells the insignia and armor recipes. Just double click the recipe and choose your stat combo from the drop down list. Easy and Fast

Step 2b (Heart of Thorn stats)
You decided to craft a set of armor with Heart of Thorn stats. For this example I will use Yassith armor (Viper's) To get the stat insignia recipe (Recipe: Yassith's Viper's Insignia) you need to go to Auric Basin and buy it from the Exalted Mastery Vendor at Forgotten City Waypoint (in game link: [&BMYHAAA=]) Next you need the armor sheets. Those can be bought off the trading post or you can open the great/grand chests after the Auric Basin meta and hope for them to drop.

Step 3
So you have your craft maxed out and you have the recipe sheets you need, all thats left is to actually craft the armor. That part is easy, all you have to do is follow the recipe sheets in the crafting menu. A full set is expensive to craft, so don't expect to be done in one night (unless you are loaded)

Other info
You can get ascended armor box drops everywhere, but I wouldn't count on it when you are wanting to aquire a set. If you already have gotten a box (or two!) as a drop but it isn't the stat combo you want, it is cheap and easy to swap them. All you need is:
-The armor piece (open the box and choose chest, shoulders, whichever you want)
- 1 Anthology of Heroes (the mystic forge attendant sells this)
- 5 glob of ectoplasm
- an exotic insignia with the stats you DO want (bought of TP, HoT stat ones have to be crafted)
throw all of that into the Mystic Forge and congratulations, you have an ascended armor piece with stats you like!

Ascended weapon crafting

Ascended weapon crafting is very similar to crafting ascended armor. But its a little bit cheaper and faster to finish. Like armor, exotic level weapons are perfect for most gametypes. You only need ascended for high level fractals and raiding.

Step 1
Decide what weapon(s) you want to make and level up the corresponding craft profession to 500. Artificer makes foci, scepters, staves, and tridents. Huntsman makes shortbows, longbows, pistols, rifles, torches, warhorns, and harpoon guns. Weaponsmith makes swords, greatswords, axes, daggers, maces, hammers, shields, and spears. Once again use and follow the guide

Step 2
Choose the stats you want. You can check to see what the meta is or ask around mapchat/guildchat. Once you've done that you will need to getthe insignia recipe sheet and the weapon recipe sheet. For core game stats (3 stats) both the insignia recipe and weapon recipe can be bought from the crafting NPC next to the crafting stations. Occasionally the guild commendation trader sells recipes (located in the guild hall)
For Heart of Thorn stats (4 stats) you will have to buy the insignia recipe from Heart of Thorn map NPCs (Yassith's is bought in Auric Basin) You will have to buy the exotic and ascended insignia recipes. The weapon recipes can be bought off the trading post

Step 3
Just follow the recipe in the crafting menu and tada, you're done!

You can get ascended weapon box drops from any game type, but I wouldn't count on it when you are wanting to get a set. If you already have gotten a box with stats you don't want, you can change it in the mystic forge. To do that you will need:
- Choose a the weapon (stats dont matter) out of the box
- 1 Anthology of Heroes (mystic forge attendant sells this)
- 5 globs of ectoplasm
- Exotic inscription with the stats you do want (bought of TP, HoT stat ones have to be crafted)
Throw all of that into the mystic forge and you are done!

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