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Date: Feb 16, 2016
Time: 03:00 PM
Posted by: Wendell
Category: Raids
Gearing up to attempt a Vale guardian kill. It is recommended to be prepared to raid for at least an hour, and it could take us much longer than that to get a successful kill.
Tank (1)

1. Wendell Steward Guardian

Damage (5)

2. Rik Tan Elementalist

3. Le Requiem Elementalist

4. Neet Chan Necromancer

M. Elviorah Elementalist

M. Natsae Elementalist

Support (0)




If possible it would be nice to get at least 3 condi users in the raid, one herald, and one healer. I will be bringing my herald, and using him as a tank.
3 pm PST?
hmm i thought i set it for 5pm central o.o
oh wait nvm 3pm pst is 5pm my time. That seems a bit early doesn't it?
Might be fine, cause thats 6pm eastern, and right now I think most of our members are on eastern times.
it will most likely take us 30 mins to an hour to get everyone in the group. Everyone knows that it can be difficult to organize a group of people for harder content, plus it would give us enough time to wait until everyone who registers gets online.
If I can get the armor before then i can go Viper reaper but for now i think i'll stay as DPS
I am in the maybe group as I usually don't get back from work and shuttling kids around until 3:15 PST or so.

My Ascended staff and armor set for Ele is Berserker. I do have a full cleric Ele Healer setup in Exotic weapons and armor, though from what I've read the toughness in that set will pull aggro from the tank. I can try and craft something else by Thursday if a support role is needed.
As the day has progressed I have been thinking; I also have: Guardian, Mesmer, and Necro. If one of those classes would be better I would gladly bring them instead. I just need to know what kind of gear/build to shoot for.

I put down Saeline because she is my legacy MMO toon. I'll bring any of my toons to the party and take on whatever role is needed for us to be successful.

As with all raid stuff, getting the details and roles assigned initially is a bit of a pain.
Hey Saeline, I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge

For any raid attempt, it is very important that the tank has aggro. A tank will usually aim for about 1800 Toughness. A power/condi DPS should not have tougness at all in a serious raid attempt. For a training raid attempt, just have lower than 1800 that tanks usually aim for. Do be aware of certain traits that can give you some toughness. A raid will be very chaotic if the tank does not have aggro. Healers usually have some toughess, just make sure it will be lower than the tanks toughness.

For a serious Raid attempt you want to have Ascended Weapons and trinkets and also at least Exotic Armor. For training Raid, just go with whatever you have.

Tempest can be DPS or Healer. For DPS you can go scepter/warhorn or Staff. Staff is prefered for Gorsoval, while Scepter/Warhorn for Vale Guardian and Sabatha. Staff is not very good for small hitbox enemies and enemies that moves alot. However if you are more familiar with Staff, I guess you should go for staff. I don't know much about the auramancer heal build tbh.

Both mesmer and guardian can tank or dps, For mesmer your main job is to provide perma quickness and alacrity with a specialized build. For Guardian you can just grab a Hammer and spam auto attacks for DPS and perma Protect.

Necro can be tank, power or condi. However with Necro, condi is prefered, because if you are condi you are also expected to do green circles. Ranged Condi is very usefull at Vale Guardian, cause you can just attack at a range losing less dps than other classes.

The comp we could be aiming for.
Roles: 3 Condi DPS, 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 5 Power DPS
Classes: 1 Chronomancer, 1-2 Heralds, 1-2 PS Warrior, 1 Druid.