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Out The Grey Warden80AsuraThiefDps
Out The Jumping Guy74AsuraEngineerNone
Out The Yak Slapper43HumanMesmerNone
Out Thee Crimson King81SylvariEngineerNone
Out Thee Faceless One80HumanThiefNone
Out Thee Jon Snow80HumanRangerNone
Out Thee Rapture80NornGuardianNone
Out Thee Weeknd80HumanElementalistNone
Out Thomas Rosenfield80SylvariMesmerShatter
Out Thor Beastheart80NornGuardianZerker
Out Tiger of the ash80CharrRangerNone
Out Tiny Grass30SylvariGuardianNone
Out Top Shelf Liquer80SylvariNecromancerNone
Out Torghon80CharrRangerNone
Out Torgon the Archmage80HumanElementalistNone
Out Torgon the Warlock80HumanNecromancerNone
Out Toromoo80HumanEngineerOnly alive since it's my 1st char >:U (Rifle)
Out Torvald Ulfsson35NornEngineerNone
Out Toxica Nightshayd80HumanNecromancerNone
Out Trina Yunn43HumanThiefNone