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Out Sun xai80HumanWarriorSonic Boon
Out Surukio80CharrGuardianA special character for a special someone >v<
Out Svimara Walnijh80NornRangerPvE - Trapper (Shortbow/Sword+Warhorn)
Out Sweet Serenity Ma80HumanMesmerNone
Out Syd Kifo51NornRangerNone
Out Sylvan Moonbeam80SylvariRangerDPS
Out Sylvari Stahhlone80SylvariEngineerNone
Out Tapdatbeard80HumanWarriorZERKS OR GTFO
Out Taphatha 80HumanThiefNone
Out Taphatha blade 80HumanWarriorNone
Out Tarna Wormwood80HumanNecromancerMinion
Out Tarnaak Longhorn80CharrEngineerBlowBack
Out Tarnaak Mavus80NornWarriorChanges with need
Out Tarnaak Six80AsuraThiefCrit
Out Tate Illuvias30HumanMesmerNone
Out Taurik De Siafant80HumanElementalistNone
Out Tenchu Frost80HumanGuardianNone
Out Teykori80HumanWarriorSad and unplayed :<
Out The Cradle Robber80HumanThiefDagger/Dagger
Out The Grey Warden80HumanWarriorNone